New Actus 4 Monitoring Solutions Make Their Debut at Broadcast Asia 2012

Latest releases of Actus Clip Factory, QualiTV, Actus View, Adwatch and Mobile Link on display at Asia’s largest broadcast and media event

Tel-Aviv, Israel — May 14, 2012Actus Digital, a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification solutions for broadcasters, today announced its lineup for the Broadcast Asia 2012 exhibition to be held in Singapore from June 19-22. On display at Stand 4M2-01, are the latest solutions powered by the enterprise Actus 4 Monitoring and Analysis platform; Actus Clip Factory v3.7, Actus QualiTV v2.1, Actus View v6, Actus Adwatch v5.2, and Mobile Link™ v3.2.

Actus Clip Factory (CF) for content repurposing at full HD quality

Actus CF brings the optimal workflow for repurposing content: recording from any input, supporting any format and any resolution, editing media, transcoding the required clips to any format, and delivering the content to any destination. According to Actus CEO Sima Levy, “One of the challenges broadcasters and content owners are facing today is to repurpose linear content for web/mobile/rebroadcast. Mainly it means taking a linear broadcast, creating multiple segments clips in the shortest time possible, removing ads if needed, while maintaining and adding metadata to those clips, and then publishing it to different platforms: website, mobile, YouTube or any other OTT service. Actus Clip Factory offers the best balance between efficiency, ease of use and cost.” With a simple-to-use interface, a single person can produce an entire VOD database rather than needing a full team for each clip. Moreover, this process can be fully automated; all users need to do is create the profile for the desired clips. Actus CF also automates content production for new media platforms, making sure content will be available on the new platforms in seconds, automatically, with no human intervention. It’s fast, accurate, and cost-effective.

Actus QualiTV for monitoring DVB transmissions

Actus QualiTV is designed for broadcasters and facilities that distribute content through DVB technology. QualiTV gives the operator a true and complete image as well as verification of the quality of the signal reception on the consumers’ TV sets, as the subscribers get it, across the entire distribution area.

QualiTV provides information and statistics on the following three layers: 1) the DVB Signal layer, signal strength, SNR, MER, BER and others; 2) the transport Stream layer, PAT, MPT and more; and 3) the Baseband layer with actual image and sound. The information comes from as many destinations as the user requires.

Actus View for monitoring and analysis

The new Actus View update offers enhanced support for multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles. It also supports Transport Streams (TS) recordings. According to Levy, “Broadcasters and operators have to do more than record audio and video. On one hand, they must be able to record multiple audio tracks, and on the other, they must be able to allow the user to select the audio to be played along with the selected video. It’s a similar situation with the subtitles; users need to be able to record multiple subtitles and select from the subtitles menu different languages. The suitable language then needs to be presented and synchronized with the selected video. This is where Actus View shines.” The new Actus View capabilities record the Transport Stream (TS), allowing broadcasters and operators to record the transport stream “as is” from any input (MPEG-2, MPEG-4) and in the same high resolution.

Adwatch v5.2 expands new advert detection automation capabilities

Adwatch v5.2 automatically detects adverts aired on all relevant TV and radio channels, providing simple-to-use media monitoring tools to verify that advertising content is broadcasted according to plan over local and remote affiliate channels. Levy comments, “Adwatch is unique as it is the only solution able to detect new ads, even if they have not been previously fingerprinted, thus saving manual labor and costs. It also enables the operator to make sure the results are in real time and accurate.” Adwatch detects unknown advertisements within commercial blocks (inside advertising breaks) and presents them to the operator for approval. Once approved, the new commercial content is detected in both future feeds and within the past recorded content stored in the archives.

With Adwatch, users can create visual proofing reports, have visibility on the actual advertising income, benchmark if their ads got more airtime than their competitors’ ads, and more. A flexible report generator is included, allowing users to create and file any report they may need.

Actus MobileLink: media monitoring from your mobile device

MobileLink is the new Actus Monitoring solution for mobile devices. Feature highlights include full and recorded media playback, rating analysis, and alert and monitoring using iPhone, Android and iPad or any other smart phone.

Levy notes, “For a while now, our customers have been asking us to help them take Actus’ great capabilities with them anywhere and everywhere they go. Technicians wanted the ability to check the quality of the broadcast while they’re in meetings or on the spot if they suspect that something is wrong—even when a computer is not immediately available. Executives wanted the capability to check and show rating information on their iPads in management meetings. Now, all that is possible with Actus’ new MobileLink.”

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