PPC to Highlight Guaranteed Compression Technology for Reliable Systems at Convergence India 2011

Convergence India 2011

March 24-26, New Delhi, India


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PPC(R) at Convergence India 2011:

At Convergence India 2011, PPC(R) will highlight a number of high-performance solutions that increase reliability and bolster network health for carriers. On display will be the company's new Weather Protection System(TM) (WPS), a reusable weather-proofing system for a high-stability network in any environment. PPC will also showcase its AllTight(R) and CompPro lines of high-quality connectors, which are designed to excel in harsh operating environments to meet increasing RF electrical performance requirements. In addition, the company's preassembled wireless jumpers will be on display, which increase RF and network reliability while improving efficiency for installers. For the growing Indian market, PPC's solutions ensure a reliable infrastructure, enhanced quality of service, and increased site traffic, greatly reducing operational expenses and increasing customer satisfaction.

New PPC(R) Products at Convergence India 2011:

PPC(R) Weather Protection System(TM)

Designed to work exclusively with the PPC AllTight(R) series of high-quality compression connectors, the Weather Protection System(TM) (WPS) is a patented, reusable weather-proofing system that provides wireless carriers with the ultimate solution for a high-stability, high-performance network in any environment. Composed of a robust rubber silicone that is designed and tested to withstand all operating environments and climates, PPC's WPS protects the AllTight connectors' base metals from exposure to salts and other abrasive particles found in the atmosphere. Most importantly, it protects the jumper to TMA/antenna port interface as well as the feeder to jumper interface. The system provides additional strain relief between the connector and the cable to extend the life of the connection. Far more effective than taping, PPC's weather-proofing system can be installed or removed in under two minutes in any weather condition, and has no limit to how many times it can be reused. During a maintenance call, the system saves further time for field technicians by providing quick and efficient access to connections for diagnosing problems.

PPC(R) AllTight(R) Connector

The PPC(R) AllTight(R) line of high-quality compression connectors for 50-ohm corrugated and smooth-wall feeders dramatically reduces dropped calls and service visits for wireless carriers, thanks to the unique compression technology employed to fasten the connectors onto transmission cables. AllTight connectors compress on three surfaces: the outer conductor, the back of the jacket, and the center conductor. This creates 100-percent waterproof sealing, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance over a cell site's entire lifecycle. The AllTight connectors feature industry-high pull strength of up to several kN, ensuring the devices will stay firmly in place, and 360-degree high-strength center conductor retention for superior signal transmission. A solid one-piece construction enables easy one-minute installation. With no assembly required, AllTight connectors eliminate the potential for loose or lost parts and for problems caused by human error.

PPC(R) CompPro Connector

PPC(R) will also demonstrate the CompPro line of high-quality connectors for 50-ohm braided cable. As with all PPC connectors, the CompPro line offers patented 360-degree compression that seals out moisture, dust, and air, as well as preventing water ingress, thereby reducing service calls, downtime, and maintenance over a cell site's entire lifecycle. The CompPro connectors feature industry-high pull strengths, ensuring the devices will stay firmly in place, and 360-degree high-strength center conductor retention for superior signal transmission. A solid one-piece construction enables easy one-minute installation. With no assembly required, CompPro connectors significantly reduce the potential for loose or lost parts.

PPC(R) Wireless Jumpers

PPC(R) will showcase its factory-made wireless jumpers for corrugated and smooth-wall cables at Convergence India 2011. Allowing installers to connect devices without having to construct the jumpers on site, the units save time and money by improving efficiency while decreasing dropped calls due to failed connections. The 100-percent preassembled cables utilize compression technology to increase RF and network reliability while reducing errors at the site and eliminating the potential for lost parts. This superior mechanical attachment preserves cable corrugations and eliminates movement at the connector/cable junction with 5,400 pounds of force to seal onto the cable and lock all pieces in place. Guaranteed to work or they will be replaced for free, the jumpers are pre-swept for RL and PIM, and they feature an extra-wide built-in moisture seal to reduce water penetration. PPC's wireless jumpers are available now in standard lengths, with custom lengths available upon request.

Company Background:

With more patents in connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC(R) has pioneered many of the advancements available in the industry today and is a proven leader in the design and manufacture of connector and related technology for the telecommunications, satellite, and wireless industries around the globe. PPC's innovations include the universal compression connector, which is widely used by all major cable TV and satellite companies; the Entry Series(TM) solution for multiservice drop installations; the 50-ohm compression connector for the wireless industry; and the only locking HDMI connector for professional and home installation. Headquartered in East Syracuse, N.Y., PPC also has locations in Denver, Toronto, Denmark, St. Kitts, and China. More information is available at www.ppc-online.com.

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Spokesperson Quote:

"The Indian telecom market is experiencing significant growth. As operators continue to upgrade from 2G to 3G and incorporate data services, more strain is placed on the network. Therefore, ensuring network health is vital to business success. At Convergence India 2011, PPC will demonstrate high-quality products that are designed to increase the reliability of the network and quality of services. The result is lower operational expenses for carriers and increased satisfaction for their customers," said Mark Davies, vice president and general manager of PPC's international wireless division.

PPC Convergence India 2011 Conference Session:

Mark Davies will present "The Growing Importance of Network Health & Security on the Road from 2G to 4G" from 14:30 - 16:00 on Friday, March 25 in Hall 8.