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Video Technics Demonstrates Version 5.0 Software Release at NAB 2009

Atlanta, GA (April 13, 2009) – NAB Booth SU 10802 – Video Technics, Inc., a pioneer in revolutionary systems development for the broadcast and media production industries, introduces version 5.0 of its Apella™ Media Server product line and NewsFlow™ collaborative production systems at NAB 2009.

The version 5.0 release provides many software enhancements to the entire product line and support for new products. Major new features for the Apella™ video server line include:

• Native record and playback capability for QuickTime, MXF, and AVI Native file types. Apella servers now support a mixed database and back-to-back playout of mixed SD/HD standards, software codecs, and .MOV, MXF, and AVI file types without any transcoding or re-wrapping necessary.

• Apella HDS and HDX offer automatic standards conversion on playout which allows a mixed playlist to up convert, down convert, or cross convert in real-time as media is played out of any channel. Down conversion allows dual-channel, simultaneous playout of HD content as SD with “letterbox”, “anamorphic”, and “center cut” format options, while up conversion allows legacy SD content to be instantly included with HD playlists formatted with “barn doors”.

Several new products are being introduced in conjunction with the v5.0 release:

• VT TimeDelay™ software application delivers programmable or interactive program delay from just a few seconds to hours. Synchronized record and playback for multiple Apella channels with dynamic slow motion control and desktop E-E confidence monitoring with VU meters are provided with the intuitive user interface.

VT Media Archive Library provides next generation hardware, lower pricing and improved performance with an OEM interface built into the Atempo® Time Navigator™ product. The LTO-4 archive system stores up to 3200 hours of 25Mb/s media nearline and works standalone or seamlessly integrated into an Apella™ or NewsFlow™ network.

• Apella LCX Media Server offers an unprecedented price point for 3 inputs and 3 outputs simultaneously with SD-SDI and Analog I/O all from a single 3RU chassis.

Other server improvements include peer-to-peer media caching to facilitate the automatic transfer of local media in networks without shared storage, improved VBI record, playout, and archive support for HD and SD content, and an In Point looping feature designed for video + key clips to animate on screen and then loop endlessly within a single event. Additional improvements that benefit the product line include the ability to import Avid DNxHD file-based media, add Adobe® Premiere Pro™ CS4 support, and enhance Final Cut Pro nonlinear editor Java plug-in support.

The Apella Media Server is housed in a compact 3 RU chassis with internal storage supporting up to 8TBs with RAID 1, 3, 5 and 6 options. All systems include Windows OS, VT Database Engine, Apella SD or HD Media Server Engines, VT Director™ with multi-channel PlayList control, and VT Proxy Editor™ for database browsing and non-volatile low-res editing. Powerful software applications options are VT Scheduler™ for automated record and playback, and the new VT TimeDelay™ for programmable or interactive program delay from a few seconds to hours. Additionally, users have the option to add ActiveX, Java, or web browser plug-ins for news room control systems such as AP’s ENPS, Autocue’s QNews, Avid’s iNews, and Comprompter’s NewsKing as well as non-linear editor plug-ins for both Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. All Apella server systems support automation protocols such as VDCP, MOS, and native Apella API.

The v5.0 software release will be shown working at the NAB Conference April 20 – April 23 in the Video Technics booth #10802 located in the upper south hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Video Technics, Inc.

Video Technics, Inc., a pioneer in revolutionary systems development, supplies the global broadcast industry with innovative, feature-rich workflow solutions built around the company’s IT-based media servers. Video Technics’ Apella™ and NewsFlow™ products streamline the entire production process, and feature inherent proxy editing, embedded ingest/playout tools, and digital asset management. For more information visit:

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