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San Diego, CA – AES booth# 1833, Demo Room 112… Equator Audio Research, recognized globally as a leading manufacturer of highly accurate studio reference monitors for mission critical recording applications, is pleased to announce the availability of the company’s new and highly anticipated Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit. Optionally available for all Equator Q Series studio reference monitors, the Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit fully automates the precise analysis and compensation of room response characteristics. With an easy-to use, one-button process, the new kit enables one to optimize the listening space for peak performance—without requiring the experience of a certified acoustician.

The Room Analysis Calibration Kit includes the Equator Calibrated Room Measurement Microphone, a microphone clip, a windscreen, plus a flash memory drive that contains software installers for Windows® PCs with either Windows XP or Windows Vista as well as a version for Mac OSX 10.4 or higher. The flash drive also includes a comprehensive PDF user guide as well as a Quicktime demonstration tutorial. The entire package is housed in a beautiful and protective teak wood case.

All Equator Audio Q Series monitors benefit from cutting-edge DSP technology designed to help mix engineers ensure their listening position is optimized for accurate monitoring. Each Q Series monitor comes with the Equator Control Software. Equator Control enables one to manually compensate for a room’s acoustic anomalies and manually voice the speakers to the engineer’s preference. It also provides computer control of equalization, mute, solo, and phase as well as the saving and recalling of preferred files. The Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit includes all of the features of the Equator Control Software plus much more. The benefits of the Analysis Kit reside in its ability to automatically take precise room measurements—as opposed to having one manually enter approximate (and less detailed) room measurements—and its ability to generate far more complex and accurate algorithms for the detection and correction of multiple sonic conditions—some unrelated to equalization.

At a chosen mic position, the automated Secondary Reflection Correction™ (SRC) process identifies secondary reflections created by sound waves bouncing off mixing consoles, computer screens, and other reflective surfaces which, when combined with the original direct sound energy, results in comb-filtering due to phase cancellation. These reflections are detected and displayed in both milliseconds and size relative to the initial incident wave. The room and SRC compensation data is provided to the internal CPU which, in turn, directs the Digitally-Controlled Transducers™ to optimize the chosen listening position. Equator Audio’s Secondary Reflection Correction is a patent pending process.

The software features an intuitive graphical user interface that simulates the control room and monitor placement—making it easy to grasp the concept of working with the application. With a single click, the application takes its measurements, calculates the parameters necessary for room and secondary reflection compensation and makes the adjustments accordingly. Additionally, any data compiled and saved is fully compatible with and can be loaded into Equator Control software for use on system’s where an application’s audio drivers might prohibit the use of a secondary audio application—making it fully functional alongside the industry standard DAWs.

Ted Keffalo, President of Equator Audio Research, commented on the company’s new Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit. “Engineers need to feel confident they are hearing things correctly,” said Keffalo. “When they work in $1,000,000 rooms, they have a comfortable level of confidence in what they are hearing. This software brings the ‘Million Dollar’ studio listening experience into the less than perfect working environment. Further, even in the finest-tuned rooms in the world, there are still reflection problems in front of the mixing console. With the included microphone, user guide, and tutorial, the Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit is the perfect solution to the ongoing challenge of room optimization faced by audio engineers regardless of where they work.”

The Equator Audio Research Q Series Room Analysis Calibration Kit carries an MSRP of $495. It is available now from authorized Equator Audio Research resellers. For information on locating an Equator Audio authorized reseller, please visit

About Equator Audio Research

Equator Audio Research is committed to delivering studio reference monitor solutions that overcome the myriad of challenges faced in today’s production environment. Audible obstacles such as comb-filtering from computer screens and consoles, standing waves, uneven first reflections, asymmetrical speaker placement, and poor low frequency diffusion can easily degrade the listening experience. Equator Audio Research designs products that overcome these challenges. Our products are used daily in mission-critical applications at many of the world’s finest recording studios. For additional information on all Equator Audio products, visit the company online at