The most convenient way to transport 3D signals with Crystal Vision's dual link converters

Crystal Vision’s new dual link to single link converters are the most space-saving solution for interfacing between 3Gb/s dual link and single link equipment and for providing convenient transport of 3D signals on a single wire.

The Dual 3G-DL is a single link to dual link converter. It takes a single 3Gb/s signal and separates it into two 1.5Gb/s signals which can either be a dual link 1080p signal, or alternatively two separate co-timed HD streams. The Dual DL-3G is a dual link to single link converter which takes either two 1.5Gb/s dual link signals or two separate co-timed HD streams and combines them into a single 3Gb/s signal.

Both products are optimized for use with Level B 3Gb/s signals and offer independent dual channels meaning two conversions can be performed on each board, while the outputs are all equalized and reclocked. When converting Level B signals the boards can pass ancillary data including embedded audio.

Explained Crystal Vision’s Managing Director, Philip Scofield: “These dual converters allow a simple way of combining related 1080i signals either for 1080p or 3D installations, therefore saving money on the size of router required and the amount of cabling”.

The Dual 3G-DL and Dual DL-3G are perfect for interfacing between 1080p dual link and 3Gb/s equipment, allowing integration of new single link 3Gb/s equipment into existing dual link areas without taking up two ports on jackfields and routers. They also make it easy to extend the life of a big capital investment by surrounding it with low-cost dual link converters – such as future-proofing an HD switcher by ganging pairs of HD inputs and outputs and running the internal processing at 3Gb/s.

The Dual 3G-DL and Dual DL-3G are ideal for transporting 3D programmes on a single wire using Level B processing. The Dual DL-3G can be used to combine the left and right eye pictures generated by a pair of cameras looking at the same scene to create a High Definition 3D image and can put these combined pictures down the same wire so they stay together. The Dual 3G-DL would then be used to separate them for individual video processing, such as editing. Having 3D as a single signal makes it easier to keep track of it and removes the need to lock the two pictures together, while it also requires less cabling and will save the engineer ports on his router.

The Dual 3G-DL and Dual DL-3G are compact 4 x 10.5 inches modules which fit in the standard rack frames (available in 4RU, 2RU, 1RU and desk top box sizes) alongside the rest of the Crystal Vision products. The inputs and outputs are accessed by using the RM53 frame rear module with the Dual 3G-DL and the RM50 rear module with the Dual DL-3G. There is a choice of control to suit all preferences, with board edge switches, an active front panel on the frame, a remote control panel, SNMP or the Statesman PC software.

The Dual 3G-DL and Dual DL-3G are shipping now.

Based at Whittlesford near Cambridge in the UK, Crystal Vision provides digital keyers, picture storage modules and a full range of digital and analog interface equipment including converters, synchronizers, distribution amplifiers and audio embedders to the professional broadcasting industry worldwide.