ANNOVA Systems displays OpenMedia tools at NAB

ANNOVA Systems provides collaboration and newsroom software systems to help journalists and interactive content producers streamline their social media, news and production workflows. With over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 active users worldwide, OpenMedia is the world leader in independent newsroom and social media collaboration technology.

Major international broadcasters both large and small rely on OpenMedia every day as their production newsroom system. OpenMedia operational and departmental workflow design can easily be modified as requirements change delivering a much more efficient and future-proofed deployed system.

ANNOVA OpenMedia4 Newsroom Computer System

  • OpenMedia INFINITY is ANNOVA’s flagship NRCS, which provides maximum flexibility, speed and scalability for handling complex workflows in broadcast news production environment — from wire search, scripting, rundown management up to playout control.
  • OpenMedia NOW is our pre-configured turnkey system which meets the requirements of journalists and editors for smaller- to medium-sized broadcast stations.
  • OpenMedia ANYPLACE- our mobile App — the most important editorial functionalities are available with additional enhancements on the way like receiving Wire Agencies, assign topics, edit stories and events or just enhance the relevant topic background information with additional photos or videos.
  • OpenMedia COLLECT is an enhancement for OpenMedia INFINITY and the ideal starting point for topic and event planning. It collects all relevant data for news stories and centralizes the content to be shared with everybody in your editorial and social media departments or environments.
  • OpenMedia UNITED shares and exchange important newsroom information, like wire agencies, stories or rundown information and providing new capabilities for newsrooms to access and retrieve data. This greatly improving productivity and expands the value of information across multiple deployed OpenMedia systems.

ANNOVAVISION News Collaboration Planning and Event Management

Driven by the proliferation of media formats — from user-generated content to Twitter feeds, as well as the need to distribute content to an ever increasing range of platforms as editorial workflows are becoming ever more demanding and complex. Responding to the themes and events of the day by ensuring coverage that is accurate and up to date, requires sophisticated planning. As each journalist works to their own deadlines, editorial teams need to be able to look across their entire organization, to get a clear view of which stories and events are being covered or have coverage planned. A clear view of all information combined with easy access to content means that new information sources — such as social media — can easily be integrated into the news production workflow. Better workflows in the newsroom mean clearer improvements in newsroom productivity.

ANNOVASTAGE Web-Based Journalist Portal

ANNOVASTAGE is our Web-based system, which provides the journalist a portal-view with the best functionality for each editorial collaboration. All relevant content from the newsroom system is available depending on each person’s rights and roles. Additional information such as Outlook e-mail, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and additional applications for news production are readily available for use to help plan and create stories and shows. Different applications are available anywhere at the same time in a single view — a great value for time saving and efficiency.