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Bridge Technologies Adds OTT Monitoring Capabilities to Entire Range of Probes

OSLO, Norway -- March 19, 2012 -- Bridge Technologies is adding over-the-top (OTT) monitoring capabilities to its entire range of probes as part of the company's comprehensive solution for OTT service providers. The new capabilities will allow operators of "TV Everywhere" and OTT services to monitor data quality and performance at all points in the delivery chain, from ingest onward. In conjunction with Bridge Technologies' new microAnalytics(TM) system that extends OTT monitoring right to the viewer's device, the OTT-enabled Bridge Technologies probes allow monitoring and analysis of OTT streams at any point before the operator's content delivery network (CDN), and at any point beyond it.

Bridge Technologies' active OTT technology is a key ingredient of the monitoring option for its digital media probes, allowing deployment anywhere in the delivery chain for accurate evaluation of OTT stream availability and delivery in that part of the chain. With minimal setup requirements -- thanks to its intelligent self-configuration capabilities -- the OTT option needs no specialized knowledge to operate; operators can start monitoring streams simply by entering the URL.

"Having probes with integrated OTT monitoring capability that is deployed both pre-cloud -- before the CDN -- and post-cloud means that operators can really see end-to-end, and that's essential for effective monitoring and service quality maintenance," said Simen Frostad, Bridge Technologies chairman. "The addition of these OTT capabilities to our range of probes is an important complement to the new microAnalytics system, which is designed for real-time OTT monitoring of the subscriber's viewing devices. Only with the ability to track and analyze OTT streams throughout their entire journey to the viewer can operators be confident of delivering top-quality services."

In a typical architecture, Bridge Technologies probes with OTT capabilities are located at the origin server to monitor stream quality and integrity prior to the CDN, and then at the exit point of the CDN, as well at the ISP and EDGE networks. For monitoring of the 'home network' -- the subscriber's network of content-reception devices -- the Bridge Technologies microAnalytics System can be deployed to integrate data gathered from the set-top box, connected TV, computers, and mobile devices into the operator's centralized monitoring and analysis environment.

Bridge Technologies users can upgrade their probes to add OTT monitoring functionality to the existing capabilities, while the OTT features are available as an option with all new probes. By integrating OTT into probes such as the VB120, VB220, and VB330, Bridge Technologies makes it unnecessary to add extra layers of infrastructure complexity, while enabling operational staff to monitor OTT services alongside broadcast-IP services within the familiar, graphically-rich, advanced monitoring environment.

Support for OTT monitoring is available as an option for all Bridge Technologies probes, with availability starting in Q3 2012.

More information about these and other Bridge Technologies products is available at or by phone at +47 22 38 51 00.

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About Bridge Technologies

Bridge Technologies ( designs, develops, and manufactures advanced analysis, measurement, and monitoring solutions for the digital broadcast and telecommunications industries. The award-winning VideoBRIDGE series provides an advanced industrial platform for converging digital media services employing stream-based IP packets. Compatible with all major stream-based industrial standards such as MPEG2, H.264/AVC, and ETSI TR 101 290, the VideoBRIDGE system is the most comprehensive monitoring and analysis environment available, with probes for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C, VSB, DVB-S/S2, analog RF, ASI, all IP streams including OTT services, and unique portable field probes for RF and IP monitoring.

A privately held company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Bridge Technologies has worldwide sales and marketing operations through business partners in the European, U.S., and Asian markets. Bridge Technologies was founded and is led by a team of experts from the broadcast, telecommunications, and media industries.

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