Sterling Modular Continues to Grow Studio Furniture Business Worldwide

Studio furniture designer grows business across Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia

Boyertown, PA - February 15, 2010 - Sterling Modular Systems continues its expansion of sales into Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East, with several new installations in Germany, Austria, Holland, Egypt and Israel. Sterling Modular has provided unique studio furniture systems to all parts of the world for several years, and the global requests continue to come in. At the same time American sales have held steady as well. Sterling Modular offers unique "off the shelf" studio solutions, as well as custom and semi-customized audio furniture for any audio studio, whether in mastering, mixing and recording or post-production.

"It's great to feel the momentum at our company as we continue to expand our business to the far reaches of the globe. It has become a large, and growing, part of our business," said Jim Maher, founder of Sterling Modular Systems. "With these new installations we see the potential for serving audio professionals everywhere. It's been exciting to work with clients in such diverse regions and the feedback on their installation and session use has been fantastic. People are really beginning to realize that audio furniture and consoles can impact the acoustical performance of a room. We love to have satisfied clients, that's our goal. We welcome audio professionals from any country to look over the offerings on the Sterling website and get in touch with us about the solutions they need."

Darius van Helfteren, from Amsterdam Mastering who has a Sterling system at the center of his Netherlands-based studio says, "When deciding on a new console for my mastering room, I didn't need to look far - in terms of high-end mastering desks, all roads seemed to lead to Sterling Modular! My console was designed in conjunction with some of the biggest names in the mastering business, and it shows. From the carefully thought out design and low profile to the choice of materials, workmanship and finish, this really is the ultimate home for your 19-inch babies!" Visit their website at:

"Sterling was the first choice for me, the design and sound of this console is incredible, a workspace that makes me wanna' stay longer in the studio," says Sascha Bühren, of TrueBusynessMusic located in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Visit their website at:

Sunshine Mastering, in Wien, Austria had very specific requirements for their new studio, Mischa Janisch stated, "Very early in the process when WSDG started designing our new studios we identified the need to design a work environment that is both ergonomically and acoustically optimized. And now that we have been freed from building it around a large format console we actually had an option to realize this. After investigating the options Sterling Modular was the only serious option around." Visit their website at:

Originally expanding through "word of mouth" and the magic of internet forums and the blogosphere, Sterling's EU success has been boosted through the tireless efforts of its European distributor, MasteringWorks GmbH based in Germany, who has developed a circle of respected pro audio consultants and retailers. Several key clients with recent Sterling Modular desk installs including Sascha 'Busy' Buehren and Clemens Matznick in Germany, Amir Mahrous in Egypt, and Birthmarkstudios and Sunshine Mastering in Austria.

There are 6 standard modular designs for mastering/audio console furniture, (Plans A through F), Each design has various options such as speaker platforms, keyboard shelves, LCD screen arms and more, which the Sterling Modular website allows customers to explore and customize by their need and price. Further customizations are always possible. PDF files of finished designs and options with exact measurements are available for download and viewing as well. A gallery of a selected Sterling studio installs can be seen at:

Sterling Modular also offers a wide range of custom and semi-customized audio furniture for any mixing console. A common trend these days is to insert a small format mixing board into a console that can ergonomically integrate additional outboard signal processing and additional audio and LCD monitoring accessories. Models already in use include Digidesign, Euphonix, Toft, SSL, Yamaha, Lavo, Tango, and many more. Also offered is a full line of versatile gear racks. Sterling also excels in custom, well-appointed "Pro Series" console systems for API 1608, Rupert Neve Designs 5088, and Tonelux products.

About Sterling Modular Systems

For most of the past two decades, Sterling Modular Systems has been designing high quality 'Audio Furniture' that combines physical functionality with sonic functionality. Each piece is designed to be as acoustically transparent as possible while retaining the studio-functionality that engineers require in the Audio Recording, Mastering, Broadcast and Post-production industries. In-house craftsman personally control and oversee every operation, whether its top of the line custom furnishings or more affordable 'pre-designed' racks and consoles. The company's business is based on customer satisfaction and a reputation for 'old-world' quality. For more information call (610) 369-5802 or visit

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