Datastor Australia Partners with XenData for New LTO-5 Digital Video Archive

Datastor to leverage XenData award-winning technology to launch own branded LTO-5 digital video archive system in Australia

WALNUT CREEK, CA – March 29, 2011 – XenData (, the leading provider of digital video archiving and storage solutions for the media and entertainment industry, today announces Datastor (, a leading distributor of data solutions in Australia, has chosen XenData6 Workstation to power its new LTO-5 Digital Video Archive System, the Datastor X1500.

Available in May 2011, the Datastor X1500 Digital Video Archive System will provide users with an intuitive and economical way to archive digital video files to LTO data tape. The Datastor X1500 will include XenData6 Workstation software, a Tandberg Data LTO-5 external tape drive, a PCIe card and cable for connection to a Windows 7 workstation. Key features and benefits include:

Archive and Restore via ‘drag and drop’ – Archives to and restores from LTO tape using Windows Explorer on a Windows 7 platform, allowing the easy transfer of files to and from LTO by using drag and drop or copy and paste. This in turn enables files to be quickly and easily archived to tape from any accessible logical letter drive or network share.

Low Cost High Performance Solution - Customers get the best of both worlds: a quality video archive solution with superior performance and dependability, but with less investment.

Future Proofing – Files are written to data tape using the IT industry open standard POSIX tar format, so files can be restored for decades to come using a wide range of native Linux and Unix operating systems, Microsoft Services for Unix, as well as XenData software.

Datastor will also be offering digital video archiving solutions based on XenData X64 Edition server software. These complement the Datastor X1500 workstation system as there are many work flows in the media and entertainment industry that benefit from having both archive servers with robotic LTO tape libraries as well as stand-alone LTO tape drives on Windows 7 workstations. For example, duplicate LTO tape cartridges created on an archive server with a tape library may be exported from the library and moved to a disaster recovery site with a Datastor X1500 workstation system for restores.

“We are excited to be offering the Datastor X1500 and a range of complementary archive server solutions based on XenData software. By sourcing software from XenData and hardware directly from the international suppliers, we are able to offer highly competitive solutions to the Australian market. In addition, we integrate the solutions locally and provide the all important local technical support,” states John Couvaras, Managing Director of Datastor Australia.

As video files become larger, XenData’s XenData6 Workstation software provides an innovative solution to the ever increasing need for reliable and cost effective storage. XenData’s LTO-5 digital video archive workstation solution was recently recognized as such by winning the Storage Visions 2011 Award in the category of Media and Entertainment Storage.

“We’re pleased to extend our partnership with Datastor. This means that Datastor will deliver cost effective digital archive solutions to the Australian market that are based on our award-winning technology,” added Dr. Phil Storey, XenData co-founder and CEO.

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About Datastor Australia

Datastor Australia is a value-added distributor of IT products specializing in Data Storage and Data Protection. Datastor continually adds value to the channel process with involvement from its vendor partners.

Many reseller partners support the role of Datastor as a trusted advisor in the channel. Not being a large multi-national company, Datastor is able to deliver that “personal touch” often removed by the industry. They provide both pre & after-sales support.

The Datastor Australia formula is to be selective with products that are leading-edge, reliable, cost-effective and in synergy with their established product portfolio.

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About XenData

XenData is a leading provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry. XenData’s solutions range from cost-effective workstation archives to multiple Petabyte server systems. They are built on industry standards and provide the high-performance and functionality required to meet today and tomorrow’s demanding digital video applications.

TV stations, global broadcasters, media service providers, video production companies and post-production organizations using XenData’s standards-based approach are able to benefit from significant cost-savings, ease of integration with other standards-based systems, as well as long-term assured access to their video files. With hundreds of digital video archive servers installed worldwide, XenData is trusted by some of the largest broadcasters and media companies. For more information visit:

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