BEIJING, CHINA ─ Clear-Com®, a global leader in critical voice communication systems is pleased to announce that Beijing Television (BTV), a government-owned television network in the People’s Republic of China, has selected Clear-Com’s Eclipse-Median digital matrix and FreeSpeak® digital wireless intercom systems to bridge communications between its new facility and older five-studio complex. The broadcaster has also purchased an Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix intercom and V-Series intercom panels for its HD 3D OB vehicle.

The 48-port Clear-Com Eclipse-Median system frame can easily integrate via Ethernet with the other Clear-Com equipment as well as the third-party products used by BTV. This makes it simpler to update the existing intercom system and build a sub-core intercom matrix based on Clear-Com in the older five-studio building. BTV can also easily link the new Eclipse-Median in the older building with the 80-channel Eclipse-Median Matrix system frame already in use at the new facility. Since BTV personnel can control both systems from the new site, they are able to manage communications for the broadcaster’s 10 television and satellite channels from one central location. For on-location productions, further connectivity for the BTV HD 3D OB van will be provided through a 36-port Eclipse-PiCo, 25 V-Series panels and 11 wireless IFB systems. BTV staff members will also use 10 FreeSpeak digital wireless beltpacks to communicate with one another.

“Beijing Television was impressed with the ease of connectivity and interoperability between the various Clear-Com intercoms. It went along well with its aim to connect the new Eclipse in the older facility with the Eclipse system in the new complex,” says Jeffery Wu, Regional Sales Manager, Chief Representative, China, Clear-Com. “The team at BTV also liked how easy it was to connect the FreeSpeak base station and beltpacks with the Eclipse. It will give BTV a communications environment that is centrally controlled, yet highly flexible and expandable. We are proud that this well-known broadcaster has chosen our systems.”

The installation is the latest phase of an ongoing project by BTV to establish an intercom system in its newest complex. Once the broadcaster has completed all phases of the project, it will work with Clear-Com to add IP capabilities to the entire setup.

Not only can Clear-Com’s Eclipse digital matrix intercoms integrate with digital wireless beltpacks and IP-based intercoms, but they provide a flexible and scalable foundation for point-to-point and group-based multi-connections. The Eclipse systems can support as few as 36 on a single matrix frame or as many as 3,120 user connections on a networked system platform. Complimenting Eclipse are the V-Series intercom user control panels which offer cutting-edge Digital Signal Processing, 10-character display, “Listen Again” technology and native IP technology.

FreeSpeak operates within the license-free 1.88GHz-1.9GHz-frequency band, away from the crowded frequency where other wireless devices operate. It combines DECT and wireless auto-roaming technologies to allow users to move freely without fading or losing the communication connection. It can operate as a standalone system, with up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks connected to one base station, or as an integrated solution where up to 40 wireless beltpacks can seamlessly connect to an Eclipse matrix frame.

Note: CellCom® and FreeSpeak® are different brands representing the same digital wireless intercom system (with minor technical differences). Due to trademark limitations, CellCom and CellCom Integra (formerly CellCom50) are only available in the U.S. and Canada; and FreeSpeak and FreeSpeak Integra (formerly FreeSpeak50) are available in all countries other than the U.S. and Canada.