Professional Products Announces New Engineering, Service Hires

August 31, 2007
Professional Products Inc. (PPI), a systems integrator based in Gaithersburg, Md., has appointed five new positions.

Applications Engineer Scott Mauriello oversees video production and system design, with responsibility for advanced audio and video acquisition and distribution technologies. He collaborates with the client, account manager and design team, to develop conceptual system designs, workflows and product selections.

Assistant Engineer Chris Raines assists the engineering department in recording, documenting and maintaining audio, video, control and network cable/wire plans, floor diagrams and rack elevations. He has AutoCad 2003 certification.

Television Service Engineer Bill Mutter performs component-level repair and maintenance on broadcast and industrial-grade audio and video equipment. This includes reading and analyzing diagrams and schematics of electronic circuitry, systematic troubleshooting highly complicated equipment to the component level, diagnostic testing using industry standard test equipment, specifying suitable replacement components, soldering and alignment of discrete components to tune circuits to manufacturers’ specifications.

Parts Inventory Specialist Ernie Brandenburg provides parts, supplies and components to the company’s service and integration personnel.

Systems Test Engineer Jeffrey Schowalter performs thorough operational checks and some equipment configuration to certify proper functionality of audiovisual and broadcast systems prior to client acceptance.

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