TVB Tech Alert II: Flash for Android

July 6, 2009

BELLEVUE, WASH.: A company called “BSquare” has developed a Flash application for Android, the operating system created by Google for unlicensed devices. Gigaom said the Flash module would be provided to original equipment manufacturers as a browser plug-in for devices running on ARM chips. The app would enable streaming video within device browsers, something current smartphones don’t feature.

Gigaom said the BSquare plug-in would render android the first mobile phone platform capable of supporting Flash in a browser. Neither the iPhone nor Windows Mobile does so, the site says.
­­-- Deborah D. McAdams

More TVB coverage of Android, et al:
June 23, 2009: “TVB Tech Alert: LG to ARM its TV Sets
LG Electronics cut a deal with ARM Holdings, the Cambridge, England chip maker that supplies silicon for the majority of cell phones on the market, including the new Apple iPhone 3GS.

June 1, 2009: “TVB Tech Alert: Fan-free, HD-capable Smartbook Revealed
Computer notebook maker ASUS is circulating a smartbook prototype that runs on Android, Google’s operating system designed for unlicensed devices.

May 28, 2009: “TVB Tech Alert: More Android Features Unveiled
The Android iteration 2.0 dubbed “Donut” features text-to-speech and handwriting recognition capabilities. At least 20 Android-powered mobile phones are expected to hit the market by the end of the year.


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