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NVerzion Partners With Ross Video and 360 Systems to Offer Integrated Automation, Master Control/Routing, Video Server, and Graphics Solution

SALT LAKE CITY -- March 28, 2013 -- NVerzion, a leading provider of cutting-edge tools for digital broadcasting and television station automation, today announced that it has teamed up with Ross Video and 360 Systems to offer a fully integrated automation, master control/routing, video server, and graphics package at the 2013 NAB Show. Designed to maximize workflow efficiencies and guarantee cost-savings for broadcasters, the powerful solution can be easily integrated into any existing file-based workflow for seamless operation.

Two packages are currently available. The first includes NVerzion's Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS), 360 Systems' MAXX-500 digital video server, and Ross Video's MC1 master control and XPression graphics systems. The second package features CLASS as a cuts-only signal processing solution with 360 Systems' MAXX-500 server and Ross Video's NK Series router and XPression graphics. A comprehensive customer-support plan from the companies ensures the continuity of a station's on-air presentation.

"By partnering with Ross Video and 360 Systems, we're able to provide broadcasters with a one-stop shop for cutting-edge automation, master control/routing, video server, and graphics systems," said Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing at NVerzion. "This entry-level package is being offered as a single-channel, SD solution with available add-ons to accommodate unlimited features and upgrades. Relying on CLASS, the new package optimizes a station's terrestrial and file-based operation, offering exceptional failure protection and redundancy that is critical to staying on the air."

An alternative to station-in-a-box solutions, NVerzion's CLASS is a flexible, scalable automated platform that offers total redundancy and guaranteed integration with a wide range of third-party technologies, including master control/routing, video server, and graphics systems. Relying on software components to control and integrate legacy hardware and software systems into a unified platform, CLASS ensures continuous and reliable operation.

Based on individual station requirements, broadcasters can choose between deploying Ross Video's MC1 -- a simple, cost-effective master control solution that features complete program path protection via input bypass relays -- or the company's NK Series of routing solutions, which are available in a wide variety of matrix sizes and types for increased flexibility. The package also includes Ross Video's XPression real-time motion graphics system for high-end 3D graphics and animation creation.

The video server component of the package features 360 Systems' MAXX-500, a high-performance,versatile system that can operate as a standard-definition video recorder, three-channel playout server, and graphics store.

NVerzion is offering a special, discounted price on the packages during the month of April. More information on NVerzion and its products is available at

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About NVerzion (

NVerzion is a leading provider of digital broadcast automation tools that streamlines an operator's entire workflow from acquisition to distribution and playout of content, reducing OPEX and CAPEX. Based on a Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS) concept that supports easy implementation into any existing infrastructure, NVerzion automation solutions offer users scalability, reliability, redundancy, and guaranteed interoperability with third-party systems. All NVerzion systems are backed with worldwide training, service, and support.

About Ross Video (

Ross Video creates leading edge video production technology. Ross products are used in demanding environments every day to inform and entertain audiences all over the world. Our client base includes a who's who of broadcast, production companies, sports stadiums, government agencies, educators, touring companies, and houses of worship. Ross' award winning product families include Vision, Vision Octane, CrossOver and Carbonite Video Production Switchers; openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment; BlackStorm Video Servers; OverDrive Automated Production Control, Inception Social Media Management; XPression Motion Graphics; NK Series Routing and Furio; and CamBot Camera Robotics Systems.

About 360 Systems (

The Image Server family of video and graphics servers continues a 360 Systems tradition of designing with advanced technology to produce enhanced performance, exceptional feature sets and substantially lower prices. 360 Systems brings legendary quality and reliability to broadcasting and Pro A/V projects. With 36 years of experience and 30,000 hard-disk products in service worldwide, 360 Systems leads the field in practical experience. 360 Systems is a leading developer of digital video and audio products for broadcasting and Pro A/V. The company has more than 30,000 installed hard disk units around the globe. Brands include Digicart(R), Instant Replay(R), Image Server(TM) and MAXX(TM) families of video servers. 360 Systems is a privately owned corporation based in Westlake Village, CA.