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RGB Spectrum To Exhibit New MediaWall V Display Processor at InfoComm 2015

RGB Spectrum To Exhibit

New MediaWall V Display Processor at InfoComm 2015

At InfoComm 2015, Booth #1843, RGB Spectrum will be demonstrating the capabilities of its new 4K UHD video wall processor, the MediaWall® V, offering up to 4K resolution I/O, single wire connectivity and fully scalable windows.

The MediaWall V processor’s architecture combines the real-time processing and reliability of a hardware-based processor with the flexibility of a separate, dedicated processor to run applications. Add in integrated IP capabilities, extensive user-friendly features, enhanced security and an intuitive, easy-to-operate control interface and you get a 4K video wall processing system with unsurpassed power and versatility.

A true video wall is not simply a wall of monitors; rather, it is a continuous multi-screen surface upon which to display a combination of graphics and video. Not all systems that claim to be 4K wall processors provide video synchronization, required for the seamless display of high-motion graphics, or fully scalable windows, which allow imagery to be displayed anywhere, including across monitor bezels. The MediaWall V processor delivers all of these capabilities.

With a MediaWall V processor, you can display ultra high-resolution 4K video and graphics together with HD sources on a wall array of 2K/HD or 4K/UHD display devices. A 4K/UHD video wall offers dramatically higher pixel density; up to 4x total resolution than a conventional HD video wall of similar size. The MediaWall V processor’s 4K capabilities enable the display of data and visuals in greater detail than ever before.

High Performance Video Processing

The MediaWall V processor can display any configuration of window layouts across a multi-screen array. Windows can be sized as required anywhere, within or across screen boundaries, in any aspect ratio and zoomed in to emphasize details. Signal switching and preset layout recalls are fast and seamless.

A purpose-built architecture dedicates processing resources for each input. Each is displayed in real-time at full color, frame and pixel rates, without common video wall artifacts such as dropped frames or image tearing. The result is superb performance and an enhanced visual experience.

The MediaWall V’s application processor supports the decoding and display of IP camera and other H.264 streams, and also runs Windows® applications. With two separate processing subsystems, video wall processing functions are from application processing, allowing the wall display to operate continuously even in the event that the second processor is compromised by problems like malware or software failure.

Control Options

The web-based set-up GUI supports both local and remote access, "drag and drop" window positioning and scaling, wall layout presets, and input selection. In addition, the newly introduced VIEWTM Controller adds a graphically enhanced user interface with live thumbnails, providing operators with a very intuitive user interface. The processor can also be controlled by a variety of third-party devices.

For the most demanding applications, the MediaWall V processor is compatible with RGB Spectrum’s MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (Enterprise MCMSTM) — an innovative hardware and software platform that provides operators with arbitrated keyboard and mouse (KVM) control over system resources.

Enterprise MCMS is ideal for use in mission-critical control room applications. The system's unique design isolates critical systems from the network, effectively protecting sensitive data from external tampering, malware and viruses.

Powerful Capabilities in the Control Room and Beyond

A MediaWall V processor has the ability to power a video wall plus auxiliary monitors or multiple video walls, making it suitable for the most sophisticated audio-visual environments. When used with projectors, the processor provides adjustable overlaps for edge-blending to enable immersive, seamless UHD displays that span entire rooms - ideal for museums, theatres, auditoriums and a range of other venues. With 4K/UHD resolutions fully supported, the MediaWall V processor is ideal for graphically rich AV and control room applications.

About RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum provides innovative solutions for the display, recording, and transmission of computer and video signals. Since its founding in 1987, RGB Spectrum has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge video/graphics processors and decision support systems. Company offerings include multiviewers, video wall processors, matrix switchers, codecs, recorders, and integrated solutions for control room management. RGB Spectrum's products are preferred by major global organizations in industrial, security, medical, educational, commercial and military markets. RGB Spectrum is a privately held company based in Alameda, California. For more information about our products, please call 510-814-7000 or visit us online at


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