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Actus Makes the Cut with RCS & RDS HD Launch

Tel Aviv, Israel — August 8, 2012Actus Digital, a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification solutions for broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, IPTV, media and monitoring agencies, governments, regulators and content producers, announced the RCS & RDS successful HD launch leveraging the enterprise Actus media management platform. Actus business partner, Cellphone Group Romania, spearheaded the installation, deploying a high-resolution Actus media management and ratings analysis system that included capabilities for recording all broadcast channels in HD, editing broadcasted content, and re-broadcasting the repurposed content in full HD. With a three-month launch timeline, Actus was rolled out and ready for the debut of RCS & RDS’ HD News channel, Digi24.

“The Television market in Romania is undergoing a consolidation process, with a small number of public and private TV channels. Eighty percent of Romanian TV viewership is mainly through cable with RCS & RDS as a leading cable network provider,” says Sima Levy, president and CEO, Actus. “Given the amount of coverage area, a well-targeted broadcast delivery combined with efficient workflow for repurposing content is key to maintaining their high viewership.”

RCS & RDS is the leading provider of television services in Romania with over three million subscribers and an important provider of television services in Eastern Europe.

About RCS & RDS
RCS & RDS has developed its own telecommunications infrastructure over fiber optics and covers the services of cable TV, Internet, mobile and fixed over 200 cities. RCS & RDS in Romania is the market leader in providing Internet services and cable and satellite, and is the largest alternative provider of fixed telephony services. RCS & RDS is also one of the largest operators in the region, providing telecommunications services in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia.

About Cellphone Group
CellPhone Group acts as a integrator and supplier for a diversified range of telecommunication solutions that addresses the current and future demands of wire line and wireless operators, ISP’s, carriers and newly emerging services providers.

About Actus Solutions
Actus Digital delivers industry-leading technology solutions for video content logging, tagging, monitoring, analysis and repurposing. Actus’ easy-to-use web-based solutions are answering the broadcast media management needs of broadcasters government agencies; cable, satellite & IPTV providers; advertising, media agencies & content producers; around the world. Actus Digital provides user-friendly solutions, which support an unlimited number of channel inputs, thereby facilitating greater functionality, efficiency, and saving costs, while providing enhanced video productivity across our clients’ organizations. Actus’ solutions enable media monitoring and reporting; analysis of content, ads and ratings; legal compliance; and extensive automated exporting tools for repurposing and rebroadcasting linear broadcasts to the Internet and mobile.

About Actus Digital
Actus Digital, a subsidiary of Taya Media Group, Israel’s premier video, media and visual communication content and technologies company, is a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification for broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, IPTV, media and monitoring agencies, governments and content producers. Leveraging emerging web technologies and IT standard hardware, Actus solutions are highly scalable systems ideal for cross-organizational content analysis and content repurposing. Actus next-generation solutions compliment any broadcast workflow, empowering operators with purpose-built tools for acquiring, viewing, analyzing and re-purposing transmissions from channels around the world. Their impressive customer list includes global media conglomerates among the likes of AirTel, FOX, SKY and Zee Networks. For more information, please visit:

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