Baltimore's WMAR ABC2 Boosts Speed and Quality of Promo Creation With Volicon Observer System

Creative Services Team Turns Around Timely Spots for "Good Morning Maryland"

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- Feb. 26, 2015 -- Volicon today announced that WMAR-TV, a Scripps-owned ABC affiliate station in Baltimore, Maryland, is using the Observer Media Intelligence Platform(R) to speed up promo creation for its "Good Morning Maryland" newscasts. Using the Observer(R) system to capture high-resolution aired content, review video, and extract select clips for editing, the creative services team at WMAR-TV can work quickly and collaboratively to turn around 15-second "popical" spots highlighting key moments from a morning newscast.

"The Observer system has become the cornerstone of our GMM promo-creation workflow," said Alex Shaw, director of creative services at WMAR-TV. "It's an invaluable tool for creating quick-turn spots involving events or news clips that have just aired. This turnkey solution helps us deliver finished pieces with the relevancy and speed one would expect from a much larger team, allowing us to promote our news in a way that we never could before."

The Observer system at WMAR-TV continually records the station's original MPEG-TS broadcast, so the creative services team always knows that it will have ready desktop access to editable, full-resolution footage needed for "Good Morning Maryland" promos. The process begins with one staff member using the Observer browser-based interface to access a lower-resolution proxy version of the recorded transport stream, employing the GUI's intuitive control functions to locate and mark key clips for export (in full resolution) into a shared folder. The team's editor can then instantly view this content and run it through a transcoder for immediate finishing work in Final Cut Pro.

WMAR-TV also uses the Volicon system for proof-of-performance spots and ad verification applications. Because the Observer allows multiple simultaneous users to access recorded material, different departments across the station can take advantage of the system's store of HD content at any time.

"The Observer system provides users with a valuable, high-resolution pool of aired content and makes this content readily available for review at desktops across a facility or enterprise," said Andrew Sachs, vice president of product management at Volicon. "This unique and powerful combination of MPEG-TS recording and proxy-based viewing and clipping has long been deployed for engineering, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Now, we're seeing broadcasters leverage it in an ever-growing variety of applications that support their operational and business goals."

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