Quantel releases new edition of Digital Fact Book online

Quantel announced today that it has released a brand new edition of the Digital Fact Book. It has been completely overhauled and updated to reflect the latest developments across our industry, and has its very own website at www.digitalfactbook.tv - putting more than 80 years of Quantel and Snell's combined experience in the digital world at the industry's fingertips.

In producing the new edition, every one of over 600 entries has been reviewed and updated, and many new ones added, echoing particularly the increasing adoption of web and IP technologies in the broadcast industry today.

Industry veteran Bob Pank, who has edited every edition of the Digital Fact Book in its 27 year history, has once again overseen the project. "It's been an interesting as well as challenging job," he said. "What is great about our industry is the way it continues to develop at breathtaking speed; keeping up with those changes is essential for broadcast and post professionals, and the Digital Fact Book is a useful one-stop resource for this. And now that it's online, we can of course update it as and when new developments occur that impact our industry; it's very much a living book!"

"You'd think that in the online age there would be no need any more for the Digital Fact Book, but the reality is everywhere we go people still ask us for copies of it; it's great that the DFB still has this position in our industry," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director. "We haven't done a new edition for a few years but the coming together of Quantel and Snell gave us the opportunity to do a completely new version that makes the great depth of knowledge of both organizations available to the whole industry."

Quantel welcomes all suggestions for updates and new entries for the Digital Fact Book from anyone in the industry. Send them to us at dfb@quantel.com.

About the Digital Fact Book
Quantel published the first edition of the Digital Fact Book over 27 years ago when the digital age in broadcasting and post production was still in its infancy. It was designed to provide a balanced, independent and, above all, useful source of reference on digital terminology, standards and technology for everyone involved in the industry - from students to seasoned professionals who had grown up in an analog world. Since then the Digital Fact Book has gone through fourteen major updates, with well over 250,000 hard copies distributed by Quantel and countless references made to the online versions over more recent years.