Get set - LiveTouch is go!

Quantel today released LiveTouch - a brand new range of studio sports highlighting systems that feature a robust, ergonomic live control panel and unique bi-directional editor integration. LiveTouch encompasses a complete range of studio highlighting applications from single operator standalone set-ups to complete, integrated production systems.

LiveTouch has been developed following close consultation with sports broadcasters and their on-air operators, and features a purpose-designed control panel to make highlights selection fast, sure and simple, meeting the rigorous needs of live production. At the system's heart is the new, compact 3U power-efficient LiveTouch server. Inter-server streaming allows multiple LiveTouch servers to be used as one large, virtual server, giving operators instant access to any clip irrespective of where it is being recorded.

LiveTouch also integrates Quantel editing. The workflow is two-way - editors can access the highlights with no media movement and any panel can play back any completed sequence. Thanks to Quantel's unique FrameMagic technology, the system delivers the fastest highlights-to-edit-to-air workflow on the market - no media ever needs to be copied or moved and there is no need to duplicate storage for editing.

There are three models in the LiveTouch product range:

LiveTouch Highlights
LiveTouch Highlights is the entry level, standalone system, comprising a single LiveTouch server and one or two LiveTouch control panels and integrated editing. LiveTouch Highlights offers a low entry cost and is easily deployed in any studio environment.

LiveTouch Production
LiveTouch Production is a complete highlighting system for sophisticated studio applications. LiveTouch Production is powerful enough to support multiple studios and demanding productions, yet is simple to use and configure. LiveTouch Production includes integrated editing as standard, allowing fast editing of highlights and playout of finished pieces.

LiveTouch Enterprise
LiveTouch Enterprise adds sports highlighting to Quantel Enterprise sQ fast turnaround production systems. The result is unified system covering every aspect of sports highlighting and program production that delivers a complete, efficient workflow that eliminates much of the complexity and duplication that often exist today.

"We have tested LiveTouch with a number of major sports broadcasters around the world since we first showed it in prototype form at IBC 2014," said Steve Owen, Quantel Marketing Director. "It has been very enthusiastically received, particularly the up-to-the-minute look and functionality of the control panel, the inter-server streaming and the integrated editing. And this is just the start; LiveTouch will grow rapidly in capabilities and applications over the coming months as our development team continues to drive forward what's possible in sports highlighting."