Vidcheck Appoints New US Resellers

BRISTOL, UK, 2 February 2015 – Vidcheck, specialist supplier of software for automated quality control and correction of video and audio media files, today announced the appointment of two new resellers in the United States to strengthen the company’s position in the growing US market.

Vidcheck CEO Thomas Dove said, “Interest in file-based Automated Quality Control (AQC) and automated correction is rapidly expanding in the US, where only the most agile of companies can compete successfully. Our success in other worldwide markets is a result of the positive partnerships we have with resellers in those regions and we felt the time was right to increase our presence in the US market with these partners at a time when the world's most influential market is embracing this kind of technology.”

Burbank, California-based VTP is a well-established reseller with extensive experience in providing comprehensive solutions for a broad range of customers, including post production and broadcast facilities. VTP has experience with the first generation of automated quality control (AQC) products and continues to stay current with the latest AQC technology. VTP President and CEO John Palazzola said, “VTP is proud to represent the Vidcheck product line. The timing for a product of this nature that is sophisticated yet has a short learning curve is perfect for the needs of our customers.”

Atlanta, Georgia-based Edge Solutions is an experienced IT solutions provider that recently formed a new media technologies practice to serve broadcast, media and entertainment markets.

Edge Solutions Director, Media Technologies, Steve Woodward said, “Our experience as IT professionals translates very well to increasingly file-based broadcast and post environments. Until recent years it was perhaps more common for traditional broadcasters to tentatively search the IT world for signposts to the future. Vidcheck, on the other hand, has taken an IT approach to its products and services from the start, which makes them an ideal partner for us a reseller of their products.”

Vidcheck Senior Sales Manager Howard Twine added, “Both of these resellers fully understand the benefits of AQC and where the exceptional scalability and economy of products like Vidchecker-Post and Vidfixer can be most productively deployed in US customer environments.”


About Vidcheck

Vidcheck supplies class-leading software for automated quality control and automated correction of file-based media. Vidcheck personnel have unrivalled experience in the QC of file-based video, having been closely involved in this market from the start.

Vidcheck’s software comprise award-winning software-only automated quality control packages, providing a comprehensive check of the overall file, video and audio parameters in file-based media with intelligent correction of most common errors that can occur in the video and audio.

Currently in use with most major broadcasters and with content distributors, archive organisations and post production companies, Vidchecker and Vidfixer focus on checking the parameters and settings that people typically get wrong in preparation and exchange of file-based media between post production, distribution and broadcast.

Using the latest software technology, it automatically takes advantage of multi-core and multi-thread processors to process multiple files simultaneously and quickly.

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