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PrimeTime Lighting Systems Builds New Line of Energy-Efficient and Silent LED Products

Dallas, TX – January 26, 2015 – Television and worship broadcast studios stay quiet with PrimeTime Lighting Systems' state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures. PrimeTime's advanced "Therma-draw" heat dispersion technology results in LED lights that don't require a fan. In addition, PrimeTime’s advanced optics create an even wash of light.


Influenced by the top selling 1SL, the 1SLED is used in broadcast studios, video conference facilities, city council chambers or motion picture and TV production.The 1SLED stays cool without a fan and is brighter than other LEDs. Typically used to key talent, the 1SLED has the versatility to perform key, fill, side or backlight applications. “The new SLED series of LED luminaires by PrimeTime Lighting Systems are brighter with more punch than similar LED fixtures in the broadcast studio lighting market,” according to Glen Harn, PrimeTime president.


The new MSLED is a great solution for low ceiling applications. Influenced by the popular MSL fixture, the MSLED can be used in many functions and also stays cool without a fan. Like the 1SLED, it casts a single shadow with a consistent soft light output for optimal talent lighting. Harn added, “For many lighting designers accustomed to using our fluorescents, the SLEDS provide easy LED equivalents with the same manufacturing quality.”

GUS 41 LED Fresnel

The GUS 41 LED Fresnel boasts an incredibly even wash of light that's adjustable from a tight 11° beam angle at full spot to a wide 80° field angle at full flood. PrimeTime offers an unmatched build-quality for all fixtures and all LED instruments remain cool without a fan.

GUS 51 LED Fresnel

According to Harn, “Our team focused this past year on developing bright and innovative LED lighting instruments for the broadcast studio market. Chief engineers at television stations across the country have told us that our lights are the most durable and long lasting luminaires in their studios.” Harn said, “We are introducing a 58 Watt LED Fresnel in early 2015 that is a game changer. It outperforms competitor’s LED Fresnels with PrimeTime’s highly engineered and energy-saving technical innovations.” Harn added that product information will soon be available on the NEWS page of their website.

About PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.

Known for high performance, durability and quality, PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc. (formerly KW/2 Studios) manufactures broadcast lighting systems, video conference light fixtures, and LED and fluorescent studio lighting for the broadcast industry. PrimeTime’s U.S. fabricated products illuminate broadcast and cable news sets, video conference facilities, worship sanctuaries, university studios, religious broadcasting studios, motion picture and production studios, city council chambers and eLearning classrooms throughout the United States and some foreign countries. For more information, visit