Bannister Lake Adds Election Support to Super Ticker Content Management System

Bannister Lake Adds Election Support to Super Ticker Content Management System

Super Ticker, the leading Broadcast Content Management System for News and Sports, now includes powerful tools for collecting, managing and displaying election results

Bannister Lake today announced a major addition to the functionality of their Super Ticker Broadcast Content Management System, with the addition of an integrated election data module. The new module adds powerful election data gathering and management with eye catching on-screen graphics.

The elections module joins the already wide support for myriad data types handled by Super Ticker. Like other modules, it can be exposed when needed, such as during election season, or hidden the rest of the time so as to simplify the user interface.

The Super Ticker elections module is so powerful that it will replace most stand-alone election systems completely and, unlike most of these, it is a modern web client based system that supports multiple users over any networked connection. Not only does it offer all these features, but pricing of Super Ticker remains unchanged, offering outstanding value compared to buying a separate system, or an expensive election option for other ticker systems.

Bannister Lake has a 10 year history of handling election data with additional capabilities added every election cycle and outstanding customer loyalty from users. This base of experience has allowed the company to hone both automated data collection from multiple sources, as well as optimizing ease of manual data entry for local races.

Super Ticker can run multiple playlists in different screen zones and any, or all of these, can be dedicated to elections results. Multi-channel support allows running a bottom line style summary at the same time as other outputs are feeding full screen graphics to the production switcher to support the main news presentation. All outputs can incorporate sponsor graphics with full as-run reporting for reconciliation and billing.

For Station Groups, multi-channel capability also allows distributed operation, where different stations can share a central pair of servers. Each station has the ability to manage and locally enter data as needed and can receive a unique mix of national, regional, and local data with individual control of the look and presentation style.

In addition to the broadcast video feeds, BLADE (Bannister Lake Active Data Exchange) allows broadcasters to automatically drive their web site election graphics, eliminating the need to rekey and recheck data.

Super Ticker with election support is available to order now, with initial shipments of the election module by Q1 2015.

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