Studio Technologies Releases Model 45DR and 45DC Dante-To-Party-Line Intercom Interfaces

Units Easily Interface Party-Line Intercom into Dante Digital Media Environments

Skokie, IL, OCTOBER 6, 2014 - Further demonstrating its commitment to providing Dante™ Audio-over-Ethernet solutions, Studio Technologies, the manufacturer of products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, announces its Model 45DR and Model 45DC Dante-to-Party-Line Intercom Interfaces. The Model 45DR Dante to 2-Channel Party-Line Intercom Interface is designed for applications that utilize 2-channel analog party-line (PL) intercom circuits, while the Model 45DC Dante to Dual Party-Line Intercom Interface is designed for applications that utilize one or two single-channel analog party-line intercom circuits. Both units easily interface party-line circuits into standard Ethernet networks, providing production personnel with the flexibility, ease of use and high-quality audio that is required.

“Studio Technologies is continuing to meet the growing demand for Audio-over-Ethernet solutions by creating two more specialized Dante-enabled products,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “Our new Model 45DR and Model 45DC Intercom Interfaces bring Studio Technologies’ experience with party-line intercom to Audinate’s Dante technology, providing great performance along with simple setup, flexible configuration and network interconnectivity. With these units, party-line intercom can now join the Dante revolution.”

Dante Audio-over-Ethernet media networking technology is used by both units to transport the send and receive audio channels associated with the party-line circuits. Analog-based hybrid circuits with automatic nulling provide excellent audio quality and high return-loss. Two Model 45DR or 45DC units can interconnect “point-to-point” by way of a standard Ethernet network. Alternately, each model can interconnect with other devices, such as matrix intercom systems, DSP processors and audio consoles. Both units are directly compatible with the RTS® ADAM® OMNEO® matrix intercom network.

The Model 45DR Intercom Interface is designed for applications that utilize 2-channel analog party-line intercom circuits. These circuits are typically used in studio and remote broadcast applications. Party-line power and two channels of audio termination can be supplied by the Model 45DR, allowing direct connection of user devices, such as the popular RTS BP325 belt pack. The Model 45DR can also connect to an existing 2-channel powered intercom circuit.

Alternatively, the Model 45DC Intercom Interface is intended for applications that utilize single-channel analog party-line intercom circuits. This type of intercom circuit is popular with entertainment applications. Two independent channels of party-line power and audio termination can be supplied by the Model 45DC. This allows direct connection of two "strings" of single-channel user beltpacks, such as those offered by Clear-Com®. The Model 45DC can also connect to two existing single-channel powered intercom circuits.

Both units can be powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or an external source of 12 volts DC. They are lightweight with a “1/2-rack” enclosure size, making them well-suited for portable, broadcast “throw down,” or rack-shelf applications. Optional front panels are available to allow one or two units to be mounted in 1U of a standard 19-inch equipment rack. The operating firmware of both units can be updated using a USB flash drive. To implement the Dante interface, both models use Audinate's Ultimo™ integrated circuit. The firmware in this integrated circuit can be updated via the Ethernet connection, helping ensure that its capabilities remain up-to-date.

The Model 45DR and 45DC Dante-to-Party-Line Intercom Interfaces are both now shipping. To learn more about Studio Technologies’ latest Dante-enabled product developments, visit

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