Interra Systems and TMD cement partnership

TMD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, today announced a partnership with Interra Systems that gives their customers fully integrated workflows for the management and QC verification of media files.

TMD has integrated the Interra Baton QC platform into its Mediaflex® media asset management product to support file-based quality checking for broadcast, media and archive organisations. Through this technology integration, TMD is positioned to offer its customers the benefits of Interra Baton’s QC technology platform, coupled with the most flexible media workflow platform available today.

Interra Baton is the world’s most comprehensive solution for measurement and quality checking of media files, and is trusted by most of the major media facilities around the globe to ensure the quality of their output.

“Today, content owners and broadcasters are seeking more efficient ways to quality check the output of their media files,” said Carlton Smith, chief product officer at TMD. “Through collaboration with Interra, we are able to provide a seamless, automated interface which handles a comprehensive solution for quality checking and measurement and on top of that, comprehensive cost analysis and reporting.”

Penny Westlake of Interra said “Both companies supply systems and services to clients who demand the highest quality, and who implement complex workflow solutions. The combination of Mediaflex from TMD and Baton from Interra means that media organisations can manage, track and measure the quality of their media files at any point in their processing chain, and be sure of accuracy. This partnership enables us to satisfy those needs.”