Orad RealSet Was Awarded the Panorama Audiovisual Award 2014

The company has won an award for the best Virtual Set solution

Sao Paulo, Brazil – September 4, 2014 –Orad received an award at the Panorama Audiovisual Awards 2014 in the category “Virtual Set Solution” for Orad RealSet. More than 200 companies competed in 49 categories. Voting was carried out through a dedicated website, and the winners were decided online by the readers of the magazine Panorama Audiovisual.

The Panorama Audiovisual Awards selects the best equipment and solutions that allow creation, production, storage and delivery of content for TV, IPTV, Film, Radio and Mobile. "Our readers selected the more efficient technologies used by broadcasters and producers in Brazil," says Fernando Gaio, managing editor of the magazine. "We are honored to pay tribute to the representatives of the winning companies, as well as their distributors in our country."

"The Panorama Audiovisual Award is a recognition of all that move the production and broadcast industry. Their investment in research and development are essential for our readers, who recognize through this award technologies developed for each market segment," said Victor Hugo Visval Piiroja, CEO and president of VP Group, the company sponsoring the awards and who edits the magazine Panorama Audiovisual. "We are honored to congratulate the representatives of the winning companies and their distributors in the country," he concludes.

The winners will receive their trophies in the next three weeks.


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