Studio Technologies Releases Dante™-Enabled Model 5202 And 5204 Audio Interfaces

Skokie, IL, August 11, 2014Studio Technologies, the manufacturer of tailored high-performance audio, video and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, recently released its new Model 5202 Dante™ to Headphone and Line Output Interface and Model 5204 Dual Stereo Line Input to Dante Interface. Both units reflect Studio Technologies’ development strategy to offer high-quality, problem-solving, audio products compatible with Audinate’s Dante standard. The Dante-savvy units easily interface into a Power-over-Ethernet-supported Ethernet network. Additionally, the lightweight, rugged and reliable small form factor units offer the superior sound quality expected from all Studio Technologies products.

“The audio-over-Ethernet revolution is rapidly enveloping the broadcast, corporate, installation and live sound markets with Audinate’s Dante protocol leading the way,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “We are in the process of developing a wide range of products that embrace the Dante standard, which include the Model 5202 and 5204 Interfaces. The products’ Dante capabilities allow for a straightforward installation process, as both units offer virtually plug-and-play performance that is essential for use during remote or live situations in which time is of the essence. The 5204 additionally offers a USB charging port for hand-held devices like smart phones, making these units ideal for desktop operation.”

Model 5202 Dante to Headphone and Line Output Interface

Two Dante-associated audio channels can be assigned to the Model 5202 that, in turn, provides headphone and balanced line-level analog outputs. Virtually any audio application can be supported from simple headphone or loudspeaker monitoring to interfacing with high-performance, on-air broadcast, stadium AV or corporate audio systems. Seven-step LED meters provide confirmation of the level of the two Dante receive channels. The compact, lightweight design allows the Model 5202 to be used in portable or desktop situations or deployed as a permanent solution in fixed applications. Standard connectors ensure fast, reliable deployment. The unit is Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabled, allowing a single Ethernet connection to provide both operating power and data.

Model 5204 Dual Stereo Line Input to Dante Interface

Two 2-channel (“stereo”) analog line-level audio signals can be connected to the Model 5204 and then converted to two channels on an associated Dante connection.Analog audio signals connect to line input “A” by way of a 3-conductor (“stereo”) 3.5 mm jack. This allows the direct interfacing of signals from a variety of consumer and prosumer sources such as personal audio and multimedia players, smart phones and personal computers. These signals typically 

have an average (nominal) signal level in the range of -20 to -10 dBu. Line input “B” supports the connection of balanced analog audio signals using two XLR connectors. Average levels for these types of signals are typically in the range of 0 to +4 dBu. Each input has an associated dual-channel rotary level control to optimize its audio performance. Following the level controls, the signals from inputs “A” and “B” are summed (combined or mixed together) to create one 2-channel signal. The resulting two channels are then output by way of the Dante interface. A seven-step LED meter shows the level of the output channels in dBFS. A unique resource is the Model 5204’s dedicated charging port (DCP). Using a standard USB-type A receptacle, the port has a 5-volt output with a maximum current of 1 amps. An auto-detect feature provides compatibility with most personal audio players, smart phones and tablet devices.

Studio Technologies’ Model 5202 Dante to Headphone and Line Output Interface and Model 5204 Dual Stereo Line Input to Dante Interface are currently shipping. To learn more about Studio Technologies’ latest Dante-enabled products, visit

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