Civolution to Showcase Cross-Screen Synced Advertising at dmexco

Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, today announced that it will showcase the latest version of its industry leading TV-Synchronised Ads solution, at dmexco (September 10-11,stand Hall 6/E39b Cologne, Germany).

Civolution’s solution enables advertisers, their agencies and media buyers, to increase return on investment of their ad spend, while providing the creative industry with a new format combining connected devices such as smart phones and tablets with the TV screen to build new experiences.

Civolution’s award-winning TV-Synced Ads solutionenables advertisers and media agencies to tap into the second screen phenomenon to bridge the gap between the TV and digital worlds. Using Civolution’s real time TV ad identification and triggering technology and existing platforms to automatically place digital ads across search, banner, mobile, and social at the moment a TV commercial airs, advertisers can dramatically improve their digital performance while seeing the direct correlation between TV placements and digital engagement. This serves to amplify the advertiser’s message, improve brand exposure, and ultimately increase ROI on advertising spends.

Civolution works with advertisers, agencies, trading desks and Demand Side Platforms (“DSPs”) to boost the effectiveness of both TV and Digital ad spends by creating better targeting, higher click-thru rates (“CTRs”), and lower cost of conversion. Media companies in both Europe and North America have started to leverage the technology in order to enhance their own service, such as WPP’s trading platform Xaxis, which recently launched Xaxis Sync, the first fully programmatic product to allow advertisers to deliver coordinated ads on viewers’ mobile devices simultaneously with commercials running on their televisions.

Other pilot campaigns conducted with Civolution iand Brand Networks and Resolution Media have demonstrated dramatic increases in consumer CTRs for ads on social media platforms synchronized with the TV, such as Facebook and Twitter, measured +60% and+250% respectively with 2 different campaigns involving entertainment products .

“TV advertising, already battling the economics of audience fragmentation, is having to compete fiercely with digital media to stop viewer drift,” said Andy Nobbs, CMO, Civolution. “Our TV-Synced Ads solutionprovides the missing link between both worlds, enabling media buyers to concentrate their efforts in buying the most efficient spot for the right audience at the right time. Meanwhile, creative teams can utilize the second screen phenomenon to create value added ad campaigns, leading to an increase in ad impressions and consumer engagement. We are proud to be present for the first time our award winning SyncNow technology at dmexco.”

Using SyncNow ACR and TV synced contextual ads from Civolution to automatically place digital advertisements at the moment a key event is occurring; advertisers can dramatically amplify their brand exposure and awareness. Civolution automatically identifies commercials as well as key moments during live events in real-time. Upon detection, the system sends signals to the agency’s programmatic bidding platforms, enabling them to bid for inventory on social, mobile and online.Within seconds of the ad/event airing, a digital ad appears on the target audience’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There is no need for a special app or consumer intervention as everything happens server-side and scales infinitely; the only limit is the advertiser’s own ambitions.

Come and meet the team at dmexco (Hall 6/E039b, September 10-11, Cologne, Germany) where Civolution will showcase its industry leading TV-Synchronized Ads solution.

Civolution will also stage a dedicated seminar:TV-Synced Advertising – Bridging the power of TV and Digital on 9thSeptember at the Dmexco show in Seminar room 6 from 5pm to 5.45pm