GatesAir Emphasizes Transport and Delivery for Over-The-Air Networks at BroadcastAsia2014

CINCINNATI, June 9, 2014 — At BroadcastAsia2014, GatesAir, a global leader in over-the-air broadcast solutions for television and radio, will showcase how over-the-air broadcasters can leverage IP-based, high-efficiency transmission solutions to cost-effectively launch and monetize next-generation, multichannel digital services. The company will exhibit at Stand 5B3-03 in the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, June 17-20.

Following the March transformation of Harris Broadcast, GatesAir will make its debut at BroadcastAsia2014, showcasing its high-efficiency Maxiva™ and Flexiva™ TV and radio solutions covering all over-the-air standards and power requirements across TV and radio networks of all sizes. The company will also feature its latest breakthroughs in signal transport, including support for AES192 over IP; and advanced, IP-based distribution architectures for DAB radio networks (EDI and ETI).

GatesAir will demonstrate how over-the-air broadcasters can reduce operating costs as they transition to digital, while laying the foundation for bandwidth-efficient architectures that accelerate the deployment of revenue-generating, multichannel broadcast services. Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir, notes that TV and radio broadcasters across the Asia-Pacific region are specifically seeking ways to leverage the opportunities associated with the transition to DVB-T/T2 television and digital radio – notably DRM and DAB+ - while keeping operating costs low. 

“The digitization of broadcast brings all of the challenges of multichannel content delivery, from leveraging IP networks for content distribution to monetizing the new revenue potential from additional streams,” said Redmond. “Our customers seek over-the-air solutions that balance high performance and quality with Total Cost of Ownership, covering everything from size and weight to overall efficiency and maintenance. Similarly, over-the-air broadcasters are looking to maximize their potential through emerging opportunities, including the convergence of traditional TV and mobile networks. We’re dedicated to helping our customers address these and other challenges associated with digital transitions.”

All high-efficiency Maxiva (UHF, VHF/DAB) and Flexiva (AM/FM, DRM) transmitter models incorporate GatesAir’s next-generation PowerSmart 3D architecture to reduce transmitter footprints and rack space requirements by up to 75 percent; and enhance energy efficiencies to yield annual power savings exceeding 50 percent. Broadband amplifier designs greatly contribute to these efficiencies, while increasing bandwidth for higher channel counts; and simplifying maintenance through modular designs, lighter weights and fewer parts.

GatesAir will also showcase new IP Link™ codec features that enhance how broadcasters can cost-effectively move audio between one or more points, including flexible studio-to-transmitter, remote broadcast and internet delivery architectures. New built-in Intraplex SynchroCast™ technology for the IP Link enables precision-timed on-air program delay for content delivery across large single-frequency networks. This is ideal for broadcasters and network operators covering large areas and difficult terrains, where many low-power transmitters cover widespread populations. 

About GatesAir

GatesAir, Inc. provides complete solutions for over-the-air radio and television broadcasting, leveraging wireless spectrum to maximize performance for multichannel, mission-critical services. Powering over-the-air networks worldwide with unparalleled reliability for nearly 100 years, GatesAir’s turnkey solutions enable broadcasters to create, transport and transmit radio and TV content. With customers in more than 185 countries, the company leads the industry in innovation and design breakthroughs, improving efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership. Visit for more information, and follow us on Twitter at @GatesAir.

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