Melchor Rosell takes Arab TV lighting design to the next level with wysiwyg

Named after the geographical co-ordinates of Abu Dhabi, the twofour54 campus is home to a new generation of media professionals creating world-class content for the Arab-speaking world and beyond. One of the many creatives to call the campus home is Lighting Designer/Operator and CCU Vision Engineer Melchor Rosell, whose love of CAST Software’s wysiwyg pre-visualization solution is helping to transform standards of lighting design at the region’s TV studios.

“My background is theatre, and in my formative years in show design I found myself hankering after a 3D software tool that would allow me to design, control and render everything in advance,” recalled Rosell. “When I discovered wysiwyg, it was literally like ‘seeing the light’.”

“At twofour54 our goal is to provide the best media services in the UAE, so we take care of every detail in our shoots and lighting is one of the most important components,” Rosell explained.

“The great thing about wysiwyg is that it allows you to prepare everything in advance. You can demonstrate your design ideas to the client, and nothing is left to the last moment. For example, at a recent project in the auditorium of the Manarat Al Saadiyat museum, the client was very concerned about the possible impact of shadows on the stage; with wysiwyg I was able to show them that these would not be an issue.

“Whether you are looking at the impact of a single cue or assessing something as fundamental as overall colour choices, wysiwyg is a simply invaluable design tool that is being continuously upgraded and just keeps getting better and better.”

Future project work for Melchor Rosell includes the set up and precuing of lighting in specific areas of the Pacha Ibiza Dubai nightclub.

Bruce Freeman, Chairman, CAST Group, concluded: “The appeal of wysiwyg is truly global and now, with the latest R32 version, we have re-affirmed our commitment to continual improvement by introducing new features such as library additions, enhanced real-time functionality, and volumetric light beams among many others.

“We are delighted that wysiwyg is thrilling customers in the Middle East and look forward to seeing even more stunning new shows created in the region using our best-in-class pre-visualization technology.”