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TMD brings physical assets into the digital world

NAB 2014, Las Vegas, Booth N3425, 2014 – TMD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, has added yet more functionality to the Library module of its Mediaflex asset management system. The new software version will be of particular interest to those who still retain physical assets, either because they are migrating large legacy archives, or because they need to keep the originals for their historical and cultural value.

The latest version of the Library module not only tracks the physical location of a tape or a film can, it actually suggests locations to make future retrieval easier, based on business and operational rules. Regularly used items, or material scheduled to be ingested or processed in the near future, can be kept near at hand to speed sorting.

Physical space management reduces operational costs as well as cutting down on expensive, climate-controlled storage. The Mediaflex Library software can even warn when a piece of material needs to be gradually brought from storage to room temperature, scheduling both the pick schedule and when the content will be available to eliminate the risk of damage.

“It is all too easy to focus on the digital side of asset management, and of course getting it right is critically important,” said Tony Taylor, chairman and CEO of TMD. “But it is really important to remember that all but the newest broadcaster will have physical assets, and knowing where those tapes and films are, what condition they are in, and what needs to be done before they can be played or digitised, is a really key element of the workflow.

“At TMD we are proud that our client list includes some of the most significant audiovisual libraries in the world, as well as some of the biggest broadcasters,” Taylor continued. “This new functionality has been added in direct response to requests from these users. Managing physical assets is vital, and Mediaflex is unique in providing this level of seamless integration into the digital asset management workflow.”

Mediaflex is a modular platform which users can tailor to create the asset and workflow management capabilities they require. The new version of the Library module integrates with the rest of the product suite, and is available for installation by existing and new customers now. The complete TMD Mediaflex platform can be seen on stand N3425 at NAB2014.