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PHABRIX flys the flag for T&M

The Rx range provides end users with a multiple view of instruments on a 1920x1080 HDMI or SDI monitor, showing up to eight simultaneous SDI channels with a full set of configurable test and measurement tools.

Paul Nicholls, PHABRIX director sales and marketing, said the Rx output can provide almost 123% more screen space than existing rasterisers. “This enables it to fit many more instruments on the screen,” he explained. “All working and reporting simultaneously.”

Three new modules for the Rx have also been introduced at this IBC, including a combined analyser and generator, a dual generator and a combined analyser, generator and eye and jitter module.

There are three Rx chassis types: the 19-inch 2U Rx2000 with two integral monitoring screens, the full width 1U Rx1000 and the half width 1U Rx500 rasterisers.

Among the high-end tools available on the Rx range is physical layer analysis, which currently supports up to four simultaneous eye patterns. However PHABRIX plans to enable up to eight physical layer screens for an enhanced test bench.

In addition more 30 Phabrix SxE handheld units were in use during the setup for the recent games in London, as well as supporting the live events.