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i-Yuno Expands into North America with Unique Cloud-based Captioning and Subtitling Solutions

Burbank CA • (Booth # N6421) i-Yuno Media Group, a veteran company with a proven track record helping broadcasters in Asia meet government-mandated rules regarding the captioning and subtitling of TV and online video material, is bringing its innovative line of highly automated cloud-based captioning solutions to North American broadcasters for the first time at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention.

The company got its start in Seoul, South Korean in 2002, where a law there, similar to the one passed in the U.S., went into effect in 2011. [The current U.S. law requires that as of last year all TV and Internet-delivered material must be subtitled or closed-captioned; as mandated in the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA).] Within three years of its founding, i-Yuno’s technology platform became the dominant provider of subtitling technology in the Korean market—and laterthe current cloud based captioning servers winning most of the channels in the region.

i-Yuno has now established an office in Burbank, where it will sell and support its systems directly as well as through a series of local resellers across the country. The new U.S. headquarters is located at 200 E Angeleno Ave., #323, Burbank CA 91502; Phone: (747) 200-5677.

“We feel the time has come for i-Yuno Media Group to expand and show U.S. and North American broadcasters a better method for meeting the government rules in the most cost-effective way,” said David Lee, president of i-Yuno Media Group. “The goal of every broadcaster is to meet the captioning mandates quickly, efficiently and with the least amount of resources. At NAB we’ll show demonstrations of our connected captioning and cloud-based solutions unlike anything available in the U.S. market. This is possible using cloud technology combined with digital audio fingerprinting”

Among a number of products at NAB 2014, i-Yuno will show its CaptionCast inserter that listens to incoming audio streams to trigger captions using digital audio fingerprints. This helps eliminate any manpower required to run the captioning equipment and increasing the accuracy of caption services. i-Yuno also offers an innovative business model for its customers that allows them to have access to highly quality captioning servicesfor a mere $4/minute with 1-2 day turnaround. The company also offers a free lease of its CaptionCast inserter if customers commit to 1,000 hours of closed caption services with i-Yuno, within a 5-year period

“We’re excited and want the U.S. market to understand that our CaptionCast platform is not just a captioning tool but also an internal quality control tool that users can set to their own technical parameters,” said Lee. “Our technology also significantly enhances broadcasters’ workflow and gets content captioned sooner with zero internal resources. At the end of the day, that’s what’s it’s all about.”

i-Yuno works closely with customers to ensure successful deployments via a cloud-based service, special software, on-site equipment installation and technical support.

About i-Yuno Media Group

i-Yuno is a 12 year+ company specialized in subtitling, captioning and dubbing services plus developing relevant technologies. i-Yuno services international channels from 7 global offices. i-Yuno is the developer of MediaTrans, the most dominant subtitling S/W in Korea and also sold across the world through various distributors. i-Yuno launched its US operation in early Feb 2014, and has moved its core teams to concentrate in US penetration. Further information:



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