Q’ligent Company Launch Brings Enterprise Monitoring to Broadcast Market

MELBOURNE, Florida, April 1, 2014 — Signal monitoring in the multiplatform delivery universe has yet to fully mature, with many broadcasters applying a traditional component-based approach across an expanding media distribution ecosystem. The recent formation of Q’ligent, which will exhibit at next week’s 2014 NAB Show (Las Vegas Convention Center, April 7-10, Booth N907), addresses these limitations with unique enterprise-level monitoring and visualization solutions, helping broadcasters unveil a true picture of the media experience for consumers across every delivery platform.

Q’ligent’s early 2014 formation fills a critical industry need by aligning the key properties of an enterprise network management system with the evolving media distribution ecosystem, covering satellite, cable, terrestrial, IPTV, OTT and mobile platforms. The new company was formerly part of the Melbourne-based Tecom Group, which for 20 years has provided custom workflows and engineering services to the broadcast and telecom markets.

Q’ligent’s software-defined approach can monitor thousands of parameters across hundreds of locations. Its intelligent architecture extends beyond centralized monitoring of current performance to predictive analytics, recognizing potential issues that could affect signal integrity and the consumer experience before they happen. This capability further sets Q’ligent apart from competitive solutions, allowing customers to drill down to any signal parameter in the network and compare performance trends over time. 

The elimination of various hardware-centric point solutions traditionally used to identify signal and network issues further simplifies the end-to-end monitoring and visualization chain, reducing costs, infrastructure and complexity – while accelerating response times and problem resolution. The result is an enterprise-level solution to real-time problem identification and data collection that minimizes financial losses and increases viewer satisfaction.

“We believe there is a substantial void in enterprise-level solutions for media stream and content verification across the full distribution chain to the end consumer,” said Ted Korte, COO, Q’ligent. “Our uniqueness is in the enterprise approach to collecting all pertinent information related to content delivery, from local advertising insertions and content rights violations; to network outages and general troubleshooting tasks. Collectively, our solutions emphasize media quality of service to reduce overall labor and cost of ownership for broadcasters, while ensuring a consistent consumer quality of experience wherever viewers are enjoying TV content.”

Q’ligent will demonstrate its complete range of enterprise monitoring and visualization solutions at its NAB booth, including distribution, contribution, distribution and local splicing applications.

ABOUT Q’ligent

Q’ligent architects complete monitoring and visualization solutions for broadcasters, content distributors, ad agencies, regulators and network operators. Based in Melbourne, Florida, Q’ligent’s software-defined approach provides an open, vendor-independent platform to monitor performance, integrity and compliance of multiple signals, streams and systems across enterprises of any size. Its solutions providing the same consistent quality of content and service across multiple delivery platforms, including PayTV systems, web and mobile services, and free over-the-air TV.

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