Unified Video Technologies Reports Outstanding First-Year Results

Miami, Florida – December 17, 2013 -- Unified Video Technologies (UNIV), a provider of complete media ecosystems and software services for broadcasters, enterprises and the entertainment industry, completed its first year of operations with notable business accomplishments and technological innovations. The company exceeded all financial growth targets, financing all activities solely from business growth.

Fueled by the analog shutdown, the Latin American region was most responsive to UNIV offerings. The region’s broadcasters recognized OTT services as a means to satisfy viewer appetites for local as well as Hollywood content, and showed strong interest in UNIV’s proprietary uVOD solution as they prepare for OTT services in 2014. uVOD is UNIV’s hosted and managed on-demand video solution for original content production and delivery anywhere, on any device at any time. In addition, U.S. service providers like Totalmovie recognized UNIV’s expertise in building smart workflows that fuel reliable and cost-effective OTT services.

In early 2014, UNIV will introduce a new “download to-go” feature for uVOD as well as new technology for its iVE second screen 360° multi-camera experience. Following the recent introduction of its Production Flight Packs, UNIV will continue creating dynamic, interactive products that require low capital outlay. UNIV will demonstrate its innovative solutions at NAB 2014 as well as other leading shows throughout the year.

UNIV’s workforce grew over 2013 by over 150%, and the company plans to double its workforce in 2014, with almost one third of those employees scheduled to be hired in Q1. Like UNIV’s current management and employees, new hires will bring experience with diverse types of deployments including HD upgrades for traditional broadcasters, studios and outside production, and IPTV, DTH and OTT services. UNIV consistently seeks industry professionals with a passion for media and entertainment technologies and deep understand of high performance workflows, as well as experience with baseband video, RF, satellite, and IT technologies.

“In our first year of operations, UNIV has grown and succeeded beyond all our hopes and expectations,” remarked Pablo Goldstein, CEO of UNIV. “We are gratified that our customers, as well as industry leaders such as thePlatform and AKAMAI have recognized the value of our products and their ability to meet today’s rigorous standards for performance. The overwhelmingly positive market response to UNIV managed and OTT services indicate that we have identified real need in the marketplace and succeeded at creating excellent solutions that meet that need.”

“The success of UNIV is due to the excellence, professionalism and commitment of its employees,” said Ariel Matzkin, CTO of UNIV. “We are humbled by our team’s passion for media and entertainment technologies and by their strong commitment to the core corporate values of UNIV. UNIV has quickly assembled a team that boasts a wealth of combined experience and deep understanding of diverse technologies. We look forward to continuing to add outstanding individuals to our team who will bring yet more value to our customers and partners in 2014.”

About UNIV: Challenging the Future of TV

Unified Video Technologies (UNIV) develops and implements powerful video platform-as-a-service and managed service solutions for OTT delivery, digital workflows, second-screen applications and media archives. Based on advanced networking and digital video technology, UNIV video solutions are agile, accessible and affordable for broadcasters, content providers and media companies. Through close consultation and collaboration with its customers, UNIV empowers enterprises and broadcasters to leverage media to advance their business goals. Visit the company’s website atwww.univtec.com