Forbidden Technologies at IBC2013

New Enhancements to FORscene

IBC2013 will see the following new FORscene developments, the first three of which are designed for news and sports but could also prove valuable to traditional broadcast post-production operations:

*Two additional timeline video tracks with support for animated alpha channels, which can be used as overlays for cutaway material, to create picture-in-picture effects, or for logo placement

*Voice-over recording directly onto the FORscene timeline

*FORscene's Server Lite software, which allows large files to be uploaded to FORscene accounts from remote locations

*Increased capacity for loading more than 120 files per second into the Play window

*Ability to import multiple CSV files with logging information

*New account management features for greater control over usage and cost

*Access to additional online support material

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Photo Caption: Two Additional Video Tracks are now Supported

Forbidden Technologies Partners With deltatre at IBC's Workflow Solutions

Jim Irving, commercial director at deltatre, will present "The Cloud and Digital Media Sports Workflows," a case study highlighting the partnership between Forbidden and deltatre to deliver sports coverage. The presentation, which will take place at the Workflow Solutions area in Hall 9 on Saturday, Sept. 14, will showcase how the European Tour is using FORscene to deliver content to golf fans around the world. More information is available in the full IBC Workflow Solutions programme at

Forbidden is also a sponsor and member of IBC's inaugural Workflow Connexions club, an exclusive club that brings together professionals from the workflow community. A part of IBC Workflow Solutions, the club allows its more than 1,000 members to connect and exchange data from various points within IBC with a single touch. More information about this exclusive, innovative club is available at

Forbidden Technologies Demonstrates Integrations With EVS for News and Sport

Following FORscene's hugely successful run on the world stage during 2012's biggest sporting event, Forbidden will demonstrate integrations with EVS' IPDirector and Xedio. FORscene's integration with IPDirector allows remote, browser-based editing of footage in sports centres or newsrooms. Editors can work remotely and confirm edits against broadcast-quality footage centrally for transmission.

FORscene will also be shown working with EVS's Xedio Dispatcher to support remote news editing. Field editors can upload ENG material to the cloud to share with broadcast centre users and access content uploaded to the cloud from the broadcast centre or any other location -- enabling editing anywhere.

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Photo Caption: Forbidden Technologies Partners With EVS

FORscene Remains IBC TV News' Cloud Provider of Choice

IBC TV News, the broadcaster for IBC2013, will once again use FORscene to provide its self-service syndication workflow. A FORscene server based at the RAI conference centre will compress and upload material shot by the IBC TV News teams during the exhibition. Participating broadcasters and IBC exhibitors will be able to access library content provided under editorial control, including rushes and daily programme footage.

Sophisticated search functionality and built-in moderation tools will enable users to search metadata attached to the material. Using FORscene's editing tools, users will be able to create simple edits or complete Web video packages.

Once complete, users can publish in a variety of formats (or directly to their websites) using the full-resolution material stored on FORscene's local server.

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Photo Caption: FORscene's IBC TV News Video Portal

Company Quote:

"FORscene's strength in handling metadata and providing easy-to-use editing tools enables users to access material and choose content based on editorial requirements, and this year we'll be showcasing new customer-driven enhancements to make an editor's job even easier. Our new partnerships and integrations for news and sport, and the fact that IBC TV News has chosen to use FORscene for the sixth consecutive year, validates FORscene as a powerful force in broadcast postproduction and news workflows."

-- Greg Hirst, Business Development Director, Forbidden Technologies plc

Company Overview:

Forbidden Technologies plc is an award-winning technology company that develops and delivers cloud-based solutions for collaborative video post-production. Its flagship product, FORscene, is one of the world's most advanced cloud-based video post-production platforms. Launched at IBC in 2004, FORscene has been used to log, edit, review, and publish more than 3 million hours of professional video content. Listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market, Forbidden partners with high-profile media and technology organisations including Atos, BIM, deltatre, EVS, and Key Code Media. More information is available at