Media Group International Completes A Prestigious Project for MBC Group

Leading systems integrator Media Group International has completed a prestigious project for Middle East broadcaster MBC Group (Middle East Broadcasting Centre) to install a state of the art News facility in Cairo, Egypt.

MBC Group, the first private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Arab World which was launched in London in 1991 and later moved to its headquarters in Dubai in 2002, has grown to become a well-established media group that enriches people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment. Based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, MBC Group includes 12 television channels. The broadcaster engaged Media Group International (MGI) on the basis of the company’s established reputation for high quality systems integration and project management. MGI has over 35 years’ experience of systems integration in the Gulf region and represents many worldwide broadcast equipment manufacturers. It also serves TV channels and networks, movie studios and network operators in the region, providing telecommunications, broadcasting, integrated systems and state-of-the-art security.

Raed Bacho, Broadcast Manager, MBC Group says: “MGI’s reputation for delivering world-class broadcast solutions was a key factor in our decision to award the company the contract. Our Cairo News facility is a major investment and one that required careful planning. We were delighted by the efficiency and timely results.”

MGI’s brief was to provide MBC Group with an entire News facility consisting of a broadcast control room/gallery, a central apparatus room, an audio studio, a broadcast studio, a Master Control Room, a Newsroom and various editing and production facilities. The company was also responsible for the entire IT infrastructure and the installation of all power requirements.

“MBC’s on-air requirements meant that we were up against extremely tight deadlines,” says Paul Wallis, MGI’s Sales Director. “We also undertook this project during the recent political unrest, which created its own set of issues. On at least one occasion our team could not leave the facility overnight because demonstrators were protesting outside.”

At a time when many companies are avoiding outlay in Egypt, MBC’s decision to build this new facility – and its equipment choices – reflect its determination to invest in the very latest technology in order to bring high quality news coverage to the people of Egypt.

“In consultation with MGI’s experienced technical team, MBC selected some of the latest ground breaking equipment, including cutting-edge Grass Valley LDX-80 studio cameras that adopt cmos technology as opposed to traditional CCD,” says Wallis. “At the heart of the system is a full Avid Newsvision production system, complemented by the latest Viztr on air graphics. Other technical highlights include a powerful Ross live production switcher, a Trilogy Broadcast communications system, a state of the art video wall and a Studer All-In-One Vista audio mixing console, the first of its kind to be installed in Egypt.”

Wallis adds that the project was not without its challenges, but thanks to MGI’s excellent relationships with the various manufacturers involved, these were quickly overcome.

“We were faced with some tough technology changes that could have delayed the on-air deadline, but fortunately we had chosen manufacturers who helped us work around this problem and enabled us to keep our commitment to MBC,” he says.

MBC’s News facility in Cairo is now up and running, delivering news to the broadcaster’s Egyptian viewers.

Notes to the editor:
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Ghanim bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Group Holdings (GSSG) was founded by Ghanim bin Saad Al Saad in 1993 and incorporated in 2007. Today it is one of Qatar’s most successful private sector business groups, making a major contribution to the country’s economic growth.
GSSG has enjoyed steady growth and success in many fields and industries locally and internationally. GSSG’s diverse portfolio gives it strength and enables its companies within the group to maximise global business opportunities wherever and whenever they arise.
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In addition to its corporate headquarters in Doha, GSSG also has five international offices located in London, Zurich, Cairo, Singapore and Dubai.

Media Group International
Media Group International (MGI) is a proven media broadcast and communications systems integrator, serving the media, telecommunications, security, education, hospitality and advertising industries in the Gulf region for more than 35 years. Formerly known as Salam Media Cast (SMC), the company joined GSSG Holdings in 2010, with offices in Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UK.
Media Group International is diversifying its business into new technologies. As well as equipping professional television stations and studios, master control rooms, newsrooms, concert stages and theatres providing light and sound technology, the company also equips whole multivendor and multisensory environments. MGI provides solutions from safeguarding national security, such as in government operations, to creating the best educational venues in museums and classrooms, enhancing sports environments and revolutionising health facilities and satellite telecommunications.
Media Group International is ISO 9001:2008 certified, the world’s most recognised quality management standard. It is the first company of its kind to receive the prestigious accolade within the Middle East region, guaranteeing customers world-class quality assured products.
Media Group International recently launched their new website to give customers a better experience online.

About MBC Group:
MBC Group is the first private free-to-air satellite broadcasting company in the Arab World which was launched in London in 1991 and later moved to its headquarters in Dubai in 2002. Over the past 22 years, MBC Group has grown to become a well-established media group that enriches people’s lives through information, interaction and entertainment. Based in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, MBC Group includes 12 television channels: MBC1 (general family entertainment), MBC2 and MBC MAX (24-hour movies), MBC3 (children’s edutainment), MBC4 (entertainment for young families with women at its core), MBC Action (an indigenous adrenaline-packed channel with local and homegrown productions), MBC Persia (24-hour movie channel dubbed in Farsi) , Al Arabiya (the 24-hour Arabic language news channel); Al Arabiya Al Hadath (an extension of Al Arabiya News Channel); Wanasah (24-hour Arabic music channel); MBC DRAMA (24/7 Arabic Drama); and MBC MASR (general family entrainment channel geared towards the Egyptian family).The Group also includes two radio stations: MBC FM (Gulf music), and Panorama FM (contemporary Arabic hit music); as well as O3 productions, a specialized production unit. Furthermore, the Group includes online platforms:,, (the first free VOD and catch up portal in the Arab world) and, among others.
As of July 2011, seven of MBC Group’s channels began to air in HD across the MENA Region: MBC 1 HD, MBC 2 HD, MBC 4 HD, MBC Action HD, MBC Drama HD, MBC Max HD and Al Arabiya HD News Channel. In 2013, MBC 3 HD was added to this bouquet.
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Ruba Al Ayed
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