Unreel Introduces UX VS Lite for Trackless Virtual Sets

Delivers a "No Ceiling" Approach

Unreel, an industry leader in Virtual-Set (VS) and Augmented-Reality (AR) solutions for broadcast television, announces the availability of UX VS Lite, a new member of its UX product line, designed to support trackless virtual sets. UX VS Lite is a full-featured, easy-to-use product for customers seeking a low-cost entry point into the world of virtual sets. UX VS Lite provides a "no ceiling" upgrade path, enabling its users to smoothly transition to fully tracked, multi-camera VS or AR solutions while preserving their software and training investments.

The objective of UX VS Lite is to deliver an affordable trackless virtual set control system that leverages all of the strengths of the flagship Unreel Xperience, notably its ease-of-use and richness of features, while leaving open the option to move into more sophisticated tracked solutions. UX VS Lite users can easily upgrade to the full UX VS product for both virtual sets and augmented reality - leveraging the range of camera tracking options it provides - should their requirements grow or change. This approach enables customers to get into the game without breaking the bank, while also eliminating the risk of being locked into an entry-level product with limited features.

"Our singular business focus is virtual sets and augmented reality, and we're pleased to be able to now offer a complete range of UX products," said Paul Lacombe, CEO of Unreel. "We're looking forward to growing our product capabilities as this technology becomes mainstream over the next several years."

UX VS Lite is designed to work with the Ross Video's powerful XPression 3D graphics engine. Unreel's UX VS Lite touchscreen user interface enables customers to easily setup and control a full 3D virtual set. Within this environment, UX VS Lite provides customers with the ability to: create animated camera moves; move, scale, and animate virtual objects; trigger complex multi-step animations; and place stills, movies, and/or live video into the scene.

"We're excited that Unreel is launching UX VS Lite to complement their current UX AR and UX VS products," said Brian Olson, Director of Graphics Marketing Product Management at Ross Video. "We believe in providing our customers with the products they want, with a growth path to the future, and Unreel's UX product line now fulfills that need."

UX VS Lite has proven the perfect fit for top systems integrator Integrated Media Technologies (IMT). IMT is leveraging Unreel's UX VS Lite to develop broadcast training centers with multiple virtual set designs for a Fortune 15 client. Using Unreel's UX VS Lite and Ross Video's XPression graphics engine, the client is able to start with a single camera, non-tracking system with an easy growth path to a complete multi-camera tracked VS system in the future - all with minimal operator learning curve and simple system upgrades.

"We're really pleased with being able to offer our Fortune 15 customer a virtual set system they can grow into," said Chandos Mahon, VP of Sales, IMT. "Working with Unreel has been great. They assisted our design team in developing three virtual sets for our client, and have instructed our commissioning and training teams in operations. It's been a great partnership."

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