WORK Microwave's New Video ACM System Optimizes Video Contribution

HOLZKIRCHEN, Germany -- July 16, 2013 -- WORK Microwave has partnered with Adtec Digital to launch Video ACM, an integrated data/video (DaVid) modem and encoding solution for enhanced video contribution. Combining WORK Microwave's DVB-S2 Modem SK-DV and the EN-91 MPEG-4 HD ultra-low delay encoder from Adtec Digital, Video ACM automatically optimizes an operator's satellite link budget, significantly improving video quality and reducing operational expenses.

Leveraging DaVid technology, the SK-DV modem concurrently transports multiple MPEG transport streams -- up to six -- and IP data into a DVB-S2 multistream, enabling simultaneous transportation of data (network connection) and live broadcasting (video content) over a single satellite carrier. WORK Microwave's multichannel ACM functionality dramatically reduces the margin traditionally required for rain fade. ACM optimizes satellite link performance in real time, balancing efficiency and availability as link conditions change due to adverse weather conditions. This results in increased link availability and cost savings for satellite operators. Satellite capacity is further optimized via transport stream null packet deletion and re-insertion. The bandwidth saved from removing null packets from the transport streams can be reused for IP data.

As the MODCOD changes, WORK Microwave's DVB-S2 IP-Modem SK-DV seamlessly communicates with Adtec Digital's EN-91 encoder and automatically changes the video rate, ensuring the best possible video quality and optimum bandwidth allocation. The EN-91 encodes at variable bit rates without interruption. The integration of the modem and encoder into one environment enables continuous communication between the two devices via SNMP and simplifies the setup and monitoring of parameters and options influencing bandwidth and link allocation.

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Headquartered in Holzkirchen (near Munich), Germany, and comprised of four operating divisions -- Satellite Technologies, Navigation Simulators, Defence Electronics, and Sensors and Measurement -- WORK Microwave leverages more than 25 years of experience to anticipate market needs and apply an innovative and creative approach to the development of digital signal processing technologies while maintaining the highest standards for quality, reliability, and performance.

WORK Microwave's Sensors division develops and manufactures high-precision sensor solutions for a wide range of measurements and applications used by the food, pharmaceutical, automotive, recycling, chemical, paper processing, and tobacco industries.

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