Tektronix Addresses the Workflows of the Future with New HDR, Cloud and IP Solutions at NAB 2019

Tektronix, Inc., an industry-leading innovator of video test, monitoring, and diagnostics solutions, is introducing a suite of products at NAB 2019 that address current and future broadcast workflows. The new tools and architectures target the workflow disruption created by HDR, the transition to IP infrastructures and the increasing use of cloud-native workflows in content creation, production and delivery. These solutions will be on display at the NAB show in Las Vegas, April 8-11, South Hall (Upper) - SU5006.

From content creation to delivery, Tektronix has addressed the requirements of broadcasters who need to connect, monitor, measure and visualize their content regardless of the type of workflow or medium (SDI, IP or cloud), being used to produce or carry that content. Tektronix’ solutions are specifically designed to help broadcasters seamlessly navigate from their existing and familiar workflows, to new methods and processes required to take advantage of the efficiencies, flexibility and higher quality promised by the new technologies.

“Technology disruption continues to drive what our customers are investing in and where they need help,” said Charlie Dunn, general manager at Tektronix. “Whether it’s a major transition of their workflows to cloud, a transition to support 4K-HDR or the creation of distributed facilities using 400GE networks, we feel it’s important that we are on the forefront of these changes by investing in the technologies that will help our customers address the challenges of the future and the hybrid environments created by these transitions”.

PRISM Media Monitoring and Analysis

HDR production will require new measurements and tools including a STOP Waveform that displays light levels, CIE charts to check gamut across multiple color spaces and customizable False Color images that make it easy to shade or determine where key highlights are. The latest software release on PRISM provides all of these and more. There are also updates to the familiar tools customers use today (Waveform, Vector and Picture Display) that will help customers easily transition to the new workflows in their own time but still work with new technologies and color spaces prior to the change.

Tektronix is introducing the first ever integrated “Dual Display” specifically designed to extend the working screen area of a waveform monitor while saving space and reducing cost in production environments. PRISM has a large, responsive 9” touch display, but now customers can double this to give them more screen real estate to provide displays like Waveform, CIE charts and Picture side by side in a 4K-HDR production that are easy to read and use.

As the evolution to all-IP systems continues, PRISM is designed to support both 10G and 25G IP networks with an easy upgrade path as customers transition or design their facilities to support 4K in an all-IP environment. Tektronix will provide demonstrations of its 25G version of PRISM at the NAB 2019.

Aurora - Automated QC

Aurora is the scalable, file-based QC system that saves media providers time and money by driving efficiency, quality and cost savings in their workflows

Starting with Aurora version 7.0, the solution will be made available on AWS Marketplace as an application image with on-demand and reserved instance pricing options. Aurora can be started quickly when new QC jobs are required, upon notification of new files being delivered to S3 buckets or when requested using Aurora’s powerful API. Utilizing the AWS infrastructure means operators do not need to provision their own data centers for peak demand. This allows for scaling up and down as required, while only paying for actual resource usage.

Tektronix has also added HDR measurement capability to Aurora which is widely relied on to rapidly pre-check content prior to Editing and Post Production. This approach allows operators to perform routine and repetitive content checks and tasks quickly and then use their valuable time to check and fix real content issues.

Aurora is easily integrated with external workflow management tools in enterprise environments to continuously and autonomously check thousands of hours of content and flag errors in the QC report.

Sentry Live Stream Monitoring Solution

Sentry is the software-based quality monitoring solution deployed worldwide by cable, broadcast and OTT streaming service providers in a variety of operational and engineering environments. Sentry can be used to monitor and alarm on a wide variety of business-critical parameters including SCTE35 markers, Audio Loudness, Closed Caption Presence and HDR metadata. Sentry also provides important QoE and Picture Quality measurements at scale to ensure that content being delivered is free of errors and meets all quality check thresholds.

Tektronix is expanding the Sentry product line with a new offering: Sentry CX, a scalable cloud-native probe technology ideally suited to serverless and container-based deployments. Sentry CX leverages AWS Cloudformation templates and uses AWS API Gateway and Container services for on-demand flexibility and scalability across the global AWS footprint. Operators automating cloud video workflows can now include quality monitoring in their formation templates.

MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer

The MPEG Transport Stream Analyzer (MTSA) is a new product that continues the long history of Tektronix providing the best deep-dive analysis tools for the most common distribution format, MPEG Transport Streams. The MTSA provides a comprehensive toolset for the analysis of DVB, ATSC and ISDB transport streams using HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 and MPEG 2 compression. The MTSA supports real time and deferred time analysis and connectivity for IP, RF and ASI systems.

Equipped with optional TS Compliance Analyzers, an Elementary Stream Analyzer, a Multiplexer and Generator and PQ Analysis software, the MTSA can be configured to meet any DTV test challenge in a facility or distribution and contribution network.

Complete Solutions on Display at NAB

Additional solutions for the broadcast space will also be on display at NAB, including products specifically designed to provide synchronization and measurement in SDI and/or IP environments and further help to protect the critical quality of experience of content delivered to customers.

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