Pond5 Introduces More Ways to Discover Video Content with Color Similarity

New York City, NY - November 28, 2018 - Global content marketplace Pond5 today released the latest evolution of its industry-leading AI-powered Visual Search for video, with the addition of Color Similarity to its growing suite of proprietary Visual Search tools. The new update adds the ability to search for video based on the color palette of selected imagery, in addition to the composition of the image.

As media professionals increasingly face the challenge of putting visual concepts into words to find content that matches the vision for their projects, Visual Search simplifies the process by taking words out of the equation. Users can search based on the composition or color palette of other video clips from the Pond5 collection; by uploading any video or image from their own computer; or even by taking a photo from their mobile device to search based on what they see in real time.

“Content creators know what they want when they see it, but it is not always possible to express it in a handful of words. Visual Search tools like Color Similarity help them find what they need more intuitively, and evolving these tools is a natural next step for Pond5’s AI-powered search capabilities,” said Jason Teichman, Pond5 CEO. “Additionally, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive collection of royalty-free media assets, and our data tells us that people using our Visual Search tools are four times more likely to quickly find the exact content they’re looking for.”

As part of the update, Pond5 Visual Search tools now include two options: Composition Search, which was released in April at NAB 2018, and new Color Search. Using Composition Search, Pond5 produces search results based on the actual objects in the video being used to perform a search. Color Search provides an alternative path, producing results that are visually similar based on the color palette of the video frame.

Stock footage is increasingly serving the dual purposes of creative inspiration and complementing original footage in projects at every level, and the addition of color search to Pond5’s discovery toolset is crucial to helping customers find content that will match the look and feel of their projects. Pond5’s powerful Visual Search tools, combined with keyword searches and dozens of other available filters enable customers to narrow their search results down from the tens of thousands to a select few of the highest quality and best fit.

“By investing in this forward-thinking technology, we’re giving Pond5 customers the tools they need to find better content faster, enabling them to work more efficiently and focus on their craft,” said Teichman. “As the world becomes more visual, our customers can remain assured that Pond5 tools are keeping pace with emerging technologies.”

To learn more about Pond5’s Visual Search tools or to schedule a one-on-one briefing with an AI search expert, please contact Megan Linebarger at megan@zazilmediagroup.com to schedule a briefing.

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