Marshall Electronics’ Cameras Head to the Rodeo

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CA, AUGUST 15, 2019 – Mason Goodchild, owner of Morsando Media, knew he needed a compact POV camera that could outlast the elements to film the Calgary Stampede. For the second year in a row, Marshall Electronics’ cameras captured high-octane footage of the rodeo to complement the broadcast. Marshall Electronics All-weather CV502-WP and CV503 Miniature HD camera were used for both the rodeo and the chuck wagon race coverage. In addition to the Calgary Stampede, Goodchild also uses his Marshall cameras for several events at Spruce Meadows, which hosts an array of international equestrian events throughout the year.

“I really like the Marshall CV502-WP model because of its weatherproof build and ruggedness, which was perfect for the unpredictable weather of Calgary and the Canadian Rockies,” says Goodchild. “My camera set-up for the 2018 event included two CV502s with stock and wide-angle lenses, and video to fiber conversion equipment. For this year’s event, the CV502 was broadcasting alongside the CV503 as well as a robotic camera to adequately capture all the action from the event.”

The CV502-WP is perfect for applications where weather becomes a factor, such as outdoor sporting events, nature observation, weather coverage, news coverage, reality TV, mobile broadcast or any outdoor application where mother nature has an influence. The durability of the CV502-WP proved essential for rodeo applications, and according to Goodchild the cameras handled each obstacle effortlessly. The weatherproof CV502-WP camera offers field-of-view flexibility with interchangeable lenses and the convenience of a full-size HD-SDI output, maintaining broadcast standards for professional POV camera applications. Remote control over RS485 offers communication via Sony VISCA or Pelco protocols.

“The cameras themselves worked superbly for the show, even amidst the challenging environment,” he says. “On the rodeo grounds, the cameras had to sit out in the hot summer sun, and then work through dust storms, drought and even torrential downpour. After the rains, the dust turned into thick mud, which was then flung around from the passing horses. The cameras performed beautifully through it all and were reliable for the shots we needed.”

Like the CV502-WP, the Marshall CV503 Full-HD Miniature Camera offers performance, flexibility, and value in a tiny form factor. It can capture detailed shots while maintaining an ultra-discreet miniature point-of-view perspective without sacrificing versatility or convenience. Also like the CV502-WP, the CV503 utilizes a full-size HD-SDI output, has interchangeable M12 lenses, and allows for remote adjustment and matching over RS485.

Goodchild has been working in the sports broadcast world for the past 12 years. He recently started his own company, Morsando Media that works on broadcast solutions for pro sporting events, live events and galas throughout the Calgary region. Check out his video footage to catch the “lil cameras getting the shot of the track” during last year’s event: