Just Add Power Pumps Up Players and Wows Recruits in Revamped University of Memphis Locker Room

LARGO, Fla. — April 25, 2019 — Just Add Power (J+P), a leader in Ultra HD over IP video distribution, announced that its Ultra HD over IP video distribution system has been installed in the University of Memphis Tigers' renovated locker room at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. Tasked with creating a unique atmosphere in the space to wow recruits and pump up players before games, Miestro Home Integration relied on J+P's solutions to cost-effectively and reliably distribute video content to a variety of video walls and large displays.

"In the past we utilized traditional chassis-based matrix systems for video distribution, but have made the switch to AV over IP," says Lamar Gibson, president of Miestro Home Integration. "Among the solutions available, we've consistently had tremendous success with Just Add Power. Not only is the company's 3G Ultra HD Over IP system cost-effective, but it delivers outstanding scalability, fast switching, and unmatched reliability."

The university's Ultra HD Over IP system offers ultra-low 16 ms of latency from source to screen and supports 4K Ultra HD resolutions and HDMI 2.0 devices with HDCP 2.2. The platform enables seamless switching between any resolution HDMI source as well as uncompressed lossless multichannel audio formats, including Dolby Atmos support. Video wall functionality is built-in for displays installed in portrait and flipped configurations as well as image push, pull, and pop features. An integrated scaler on the receiver automatically adjusts the picture to fit the screen.

Each video source in the Tigers' locker room — a live feed from the field, four media players that deliver custom content, a Comcast cable box, and a direct feed for a local laptop connection — is equipped with J+P's VBS-HDIP-707 transmitter. VBS-HDIP-508 PoE receivers are attached to 14 displays and one projector, including four two-panel video walls in horizontal and vertical orientations, a three-panel vertical video wall, a 98-inch display, a 75-inch touchscreen in the coach's office, and a 65-inch display in the medical bay.

The J+P platform is engineered to provide complete scalability, so expanding the system with an additional screen or source is as simple as adding another receiver or transmitter. This was an important feature for the university, as the locker room also features 105 standalone displays — one above each locker — in addition to three additional touchscreens. With an eye on future expansion, the standalone locker displays and touchscreens have been pre-wired for inclusion in the J+P system.

"In college football, winning requires elite talent and it's no secret that many schools will go to extraordinary lengths each year to get it," said Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at J+P. "This installation showcases that AV technology can be used to differentiate a football program from the pack and wow recruits, while highlighting the important role that reliable and flexible video distribution plays in creating these environments. We're proud to be part of the Tigers' efforts. And they've paid off; their 2019 recruiting class is looking to be the best in the school's history."

Information about Miestro Home Integration is available at https://mymiestro.com/. More information about J+P and its products is available at www.justaddpower.com.

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About Just Add Power (J+P) 

Just Add Power (J+P) was founded in 1992 by a group of former employees from the IBM Corporation. The motivation behind the company and the name was to come to the market with applications that totally support customers, their investment, and are easy to use. With the 2009 introduction of the HDIP™ solution for distributing HDMI® over IP networks, the company has become well known across many new markets.

The J+P design and manufacturing philosophy is evolutionary, not revolutionary. For example, customers who invested in our solution in 2009 can still purchase new transmitters and receivers today to expand and maintain their system. J+P takes pride in having created an infrastructure that can be sustained and manufactured reliably for many years, making improvements through free firmware updates. When the company adds features that can't be done through firmware alone, it builds new hardware with an eye towards backwards compatibility. The J+P evolutionary product design philosophy ensures the protection of the customers' investment and increases system value over time.

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