Intinor Direkt encoders with Bifrost Reliable Transport enable Lagardère Sports

Umea, Sweden, 15 July 2019 - Intinor Technology, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high quality video over IP networks, has announced the sale and implementation of its Direkt encoders to Lagardère Sports, a leading global sports marketing agency.

Lagardère Sports needed a more cost-effective way to provide contributions from its global coverage of the ATP Tour 250 series.

The ATP Tour 250 is a series of men’s tennis tournaments that are a part of the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP) calendar. Lagardère Sports required an ecosystem that would remain reliable and robust whether the tennis was being played in France, Brazil or Australia.

The solution in this case was Intinor’s Direkt link encoders, which include Intinor’s proprietary Bifrost Reliable Transport (BRT™), which are used to secure a stable connection to Lagardère’s master control room regardless of where in the world an ATP World Tour 250 event was held.

The combination of Direkt encoder BRT stream protocol provided Lagardère with a high-quality, fully redundant stream.

According to Lagardère Sports Senior Manager of Broadcast Services, Martin Ekeberg, “We set up a small contributions network using Direkt technology and it works brilliantly. In addition to the excellent support from the people behind the Intinor’s Direkt technology, we now have far better control of every aspect of our delivery.”

Intinor’s Direkt encoders, routers and receivers are highly regarded as being both effective and reliable. Moreover, they are easy to understand and operate. They are also noted for being far more cost efficient to own and deploy.

Ekeberg added, “You don’t have to be a computer wizard to run Direkt. And because it is more cost-effective than, for example, satellite, we can spend more on production, which enables us to make better products for our clients.

“Regardless of whether we are transmitting from the building next door or across the Atlantic, Intinor technology enables us to deliver content efficiently with minimum latency and no compromise on quality.”

Intinor CEO Roland Axelsson continued, “Our solutions for sports coverage, especially live broadcasts, continue to be recognised by many major broadcast and production companies around the world and we are delighted that Lagardère Sports has been able to use Direkt to such great advantage, both to itself and its many customers.”


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