GB Labs IDA and Mosaic Automatic Asset Organizer announced as IABM BaM Awards® NAB 2019 Finalists

NAB 2019, 8-11 April, Booth SL5324: GB Labs today announced that its InFlight-Data Acceleration (IDA) technology and Mosaic automatic asset organizer have been shortlisted as finalists in the IABM BaM Awards® 2019.

IDA has been nominated in the “Store” category due to its unique ability to simultaneously read/write, which eliminates the multiple frustrations typically experienced when unexpected loads are placed on traditional storage systems. IDA not only simultaneously reads/writes, it does so in a way that is as sympathetic as possible to the media it is being read from or stored to, vastly smoothing and accelerating the process.

“Standard media storage systems just don’t cut it in today’s multi-workflow media environment,” said GB Labs Chief Product Officer Duncan Beattie. “The days where ‘storage is just storage’ are over. We are deeply gratified that this has been recognized by the IABM with this nomination.”

Mosaic - an industry-first combination of AI and intelligent storage – is an automatic media asset organizer that is a dynamic, all-new, and vastly enriched way to track and find media assets that saves users enormous amounts of time and, therefore, money. It has been nominated in the IABM BaM Award “Manage” category.

Mosaic eliminates the tedium of inefficient search methods by automatically scouring all in-built metadata and integrating it with a professional AI tagging system, which means users no longer need to tag anything, and when searching are presented with a much closer match based on what Mosaic intelligently and intuitively determines they are searching for.

GB Labs Head of Development Tom Sheldon said, “You might assume that Mosaic is some type of MAM, but it’s not. Traditional MAM systems can often be costly overkill for many workflow environments because an operator is frequently required to review all data before manually categorising it.

“What makes Mosaic different is that it automatically generates a great deal of data, which therefore provides users with a far more flexible and efficient way of quickly and accurately finding precisely what they need rather than having to manually tag, hunt, and hope. We are delighted that it has been shortlisted and look forward to demonstrating Mosaic, and much more, at NAB 2019.”


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