GB Labs announces automation integration with Backblaze B2 cloud storage

READING, UK, 17 June 2019 - GB Labs, innovators of powerful and intelligent storage solutions for the media and entertainment industries, has integrated San Mateo, California-based Backblaze’s B2 cloud storage service with GB Labs automation contained in its CORE.4 OS.

GB Labs automation enable users to script useful workflows at the folder level, which streamlines tasks that would otherwise require tedious and repetitive manual intervention.

There are approximately 100 functions that can be scripted using GB Labs technology in a flexible, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop manner to automate multiple, user-specific workflow tasks. With the high performance Backblaze B2 backup, GB Labs users can use GB Labs automation scripts to sync data with GB Labs replication or use Backblaze B2 as a source for replication down to local storage.

With GB Labs automation in place, users can instruct their intelligent storage system to watch a particular folder and ensure all files are copied or moved direct to their Backblaze B2 Cloud Service; Nebula; SohoNet; Dropbox; or Amazon Cloud Service. In this instance, Backblaze users can archive rushes direct to the cloud and through GB Labs automation receive an email notification that the archive process has been successful.

Backblaze VP of Sales and Product Nilay Patel said, “The GB Labs automation solution in CORE.4 is compelling because it solves challenges that creative customers face. By integrating Backblaze B2 into GB Labs solutions, customers now have a simple and powerful way to extend their creative workflows to the cloud.”

For many years, media and entertainment companies have utilised cloud services to strengthen and streamline backup and archiving strategies. However, what began as a simple backup to tape became complicated with the widespread demand for 4K, UHD and 8K content. As media files became ever larger, so did the task of backing up projects, most of which were no longer able to be done during non-production hours.

With LTO-7 tape data storage limited to a maximum of 300MB/s write, a different approach had to be taken. This came in the form of disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) workflows, whereby the copy from online storage to near line storage could happen quickly enough overnight, and then the copy from near line to tape could take place at any time, freeing up online storage to continue production.

GB Labs Chief Product Officer Duncan Beattie added, “Working with Backblaze B2 to automate backup in the most efficient way possible gives clients a very cost effective and highly flexible cloud service. This not only expands the capabilities of the GB Labs toolset, but also offers a very achievable hybrid cloud backup plan by combining the benefits of Backblaze B2 and GB Labs CORE.4 OS.”


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Backblaze delivers easy-to-use and low-cost cloud storage and cloud backup services. B2 Cloud Storage platform is just $0.005/GB/month for data storage and $0.01/GB for data egress. For over a decade Backblaze has been the trusted cloud storage provider for tens of thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of users in over 150 countries worldwide. Today, Backblaze stores over 750 petabytes of data on innovative high density storage pods uniquely arranged into our vastly scalable and performant Backblaze Vault architecture. Known for quarterly Hard Drive Stats reports, open-sourcing Storage Pod design, and generally being an open and transparent company in the otherwise opaque cloud storage industry.

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