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Cinegy Air PRO Bundle races in to launch four PBS channels in Tampa

Received from Munich on a Friday and deployed on-air in Tampa by Monday, the Cinegy Air Pro bundle enabled WEDU-TV to begin transmitting one HD channel with local-origin programming; the Florida Channel, a satellite feed of legislative events; plus PBS Kids and Create TV picked up from neighbouring PBS station WUSF.
WEDU was also able to add all required legal ID’s and announcements “on the fly” during the transition of the channels.

Frank Wolynski, vice president, Engineering, WEDU-TV, said, “We received the Cinegy air PRO bundle dongles on a Friday and were on-air by Monday with no surprises except the ease with which we were able to deploy, due in no small part to the responsiveness of Cinegy and the intuitiveness of the Air PRO Bundle. Cinegy provided amazing customer service. We simply could not have done it without their software and support.”

Cinegy Air PRO Bundle can entirely offload HEVC and H.264 stream encoding onto an NVIDIA GPU. Users can effortlessly stream UHD content using OTS hardware. And because Cinegy Air PRO also includes in-built channel branding, it makes it easy to control multiple channels that air identical content but require regionalized commercials and branding.

Cinegy Air PRO Bundle simplifies the challenge of delivering channels quickly and efficiently by providing a broadcast automation front-end and a real-time video server for SD and HD playout, all in a single, integrated software suite. Cinegy Air PRO can be used to control multiple channels playing to air or to plan schedules, program and commercial blocks offline. It also provides EAS, Nielsen watermarking, and Cinegy Type channel branding.

Cinegy Co-owner and Managing Director Jan Weigner said, “The deployment of Cinegy Air PRO Bundle by WEDU-TV is a perfect illustration of the power, flexibility and intuitive nature of our software and we are delighted that the ultimate beneficiaries are the children – and parents – of the greater Tampa area.”