Henri Rapp uses BOOM Library Effects & Plugins

Working with BOOM Library products has helped speed up my Sound Design & Audio Post-Production workflow. Their massive collection of high quality sound effects, ambiences, & plugins keeps me working quickly when creating the soundscape for Films, Documentaries, & Commercials. The BOOM sound library gives you a massive arsenal to create the soundscape for nearly any action or location.

Sound Effects Library

My go to choice for sound effects is BOOM Library, their immense collection covers a wide range of applications, from Modern User Interface & Wipe Sounds to Mechanicals, Explosions, Animals, Fight FX, Transportation, & more; It additionally includes several mood driven sound libraries for tension building. What impresses me most with their libraries is their dedication to creating a high quality effects collection that goes above and beyond. With countless options of source material, and numerous variations within that, repeatability is no issue.

Boom Library sound effects packs come in two varieties, the raw & unprocessed “Construction Kit” or the mixed & ready to use “Designed” pack, or both bundled. The Construction Kit allows total customization over the source material to fit every scene perfectly. Its essentially the parts that make up the whole soundscape. The Designed material is great when you need to meet a fast turn around or for video editors to help with pacing & basic sound design in the editing stage before being delivered to audio post-production.

Quiet Planet Ambiences

Recorded by renowned Emmy winning sound recordist Gordon Hempton & distributed by Boom Library, Quiet Planet is the ultimate collection of pristine nature ambiences from countless locations around the world. Offering both Stereo Recordings & Surround Sound Ambiences, Impressively packed with the most rich and detailed ambiences I’ve used, you can expect multiple times of day in each location, from Deserts & Oceans to Forests, Tundra, Plains, Wind, Weather, and much more!

Enforcer Low Frequency Enhancement Plugin

Enforcer isn’t you run of the mill Sub Enhancement plugin, simply put it's a transient triggered oscillator synthesizer. A quick and easy way to add some sub weight to sound effects such as explosions or even foot steps. With applications outside of sound design, Enforcer can be a great way to add body or attack to drums. This plugin is incredibly customizable offering controls over attack, release, curves, type of oscillator source, oscillator pitch modulation, high & low thresholds (helps eliminate mistriggers), and much more, it allows you to shape the exact sound you are after blend it to taste using a wet/dry mix knob.. While certainly optimized for low frequency enhancement, it’s potential to add high frequency or upper midrange attack to source material shouldn’t be overlooked

About Henri Rapp Recording

Henri Rapp Recording is an Audio Production Company that specializes in Production Sound & Sound Design for Commercials, TV, & Film. Working out of Bad Racket Recording Studios in Cleveland, I’m equipped with an acoustically accurate mixing stage, multi-room recording facility, and an extensive collection of sound effects & audio processing software. Amazing audio is seamless and goes unnoticed, bad audio sticks out like a sore thumb; Passionate about delivering great sound, I love taking on unique projects and delivering creative solutions for the challenges that come with them.