Appear TV Showcases the X-Series Platform With New Functionalities at NAB 2019

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 8, 2019Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming high-quality video, is showcasing updates to its high-capacity, ultra-low latency X-Series platform at NAB (Booth SU7910). The X10 and X20 further supports digital video broadcasting satellite (DVB-S2x) systems and digital satellite news gathering (DSNG) with its new S2x contribution modulator and demodulator. At NAB, Appear TV will also highlight how its X20 platform has proved reliable and efficient for low latency video assisted referee (VAR) applications.

Updates to the X-Series Platform

The X-Series (X10/X20) offers the complete spectrum of encoding codecs, and helps broadcasters adopt the many benefits of an IP-centric operation in their own timeframe and with extreme simplicity. The platform now features an S2x contribution modulator that supports DVB-S2x DSNG and professional services profiles. The modulator has an RF input that can be connected to a backup transponder, which can then be routed to the main output in case of a hardware failure on the main transponder. The X10 and X20 can output two transponders featuring switchable L-band or Intermediate Frequency (IF) with 72 Mbaud bandwidth.

In addition to the new modulator, the X-Series will also feature a new hardware design for its DVB-S2x contribution demodulator, an advanced platform that supports the DVB-S2x DSNG profile. It can demodulate four transponders from four RF inputs with up to 64 MBaud bandwidth. BISS-1 and fixed-key AES-128 descrambling are embedded into both the modulator and demodulator.

Video Assisted Referee (VAR) Low Latency Contribution Solution

Appear TV’s X20 is ideal for VAR as it fulfills the highly demanding requirements for this application. With its unique offering of channel density and ability to combine encoding and decoding of multiple contribution formats in the same chassis, the X-Series delivers excellent video quality in a redundant architecture to ensure the highest availability. The need for high-quality video with low latency is crucial for the referees to verify calls made on the field. With the X-Series, content can be sent to the referee monitors immediately following capture allowing them to make the right call, and not hold up game play.

Appear’s X20 contribution links are currently being deployed in OB vans that are covering top football leagues in Europe and Asia. A single X20 chassis encodes more than 20 signals with low latency before being encapsulated to IP and sent to the video operation room (VOR). At the reception site, the X20 system decodes the signals for further analysis. Some of these signals are then encoded in the same chassis and sent back to the OB vans. This VAR solution is also future-proofed, for UHD, SDI over IP, and more, and can be adapted to customer’s specific needs.

About Appear

Based in Oslo, Norway, Appear is dedicated to designing and producing world class solutions for the delivery of professional video services. Their mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video communication.