Decentrix at the 2018 NAB Show

Decentrix Product Preview

2018 NAB Show

April 7 – 12 in Las Vegas 

Booth SU13803

Decentrix at the 2018 NAB Show

This year at the 2018 NAB Show, Decentrix will focus on the inseparable themes of revenue maximization and cross-media yield optimization across linear, digital, and content business models. Decentrix will showcase the next generation of products from its acclaimed BIAnalytix™ platform on the company's newly located booth within the Connected Media | IP Pavilion, South Hall Upper, booth SU13803.

Mediabase Cross-Media Planner™ 

The Mediabase Cross-Media Planner from Decentrix is a next-generation cross-media pricing and planning tool that maximizes inventory value across all sales channels, enhances audience values with pinpoint targeting, and optimizes cross-media proposals and campaigns. Using intelligent machine learning capabilities to accurately derive forecasts and capacities, this product employs highly sophisticated yield management and auto-stewarding techniques to deliver the maximum ad revenue possible for the media enterprise. Mediabase Cross-Media Planner will be the only cross-platform pricing and planning tool being demonstrated at the 2018 NAB Show.

Mediabase SSP™

A next-generation cross-media sales exchange platform with a programmatic interface to external parties or trading partners, Mediabase SSP is the central repository driving all inventory sales. It is a rich repository of all the latest data related to the sale of future inventory. It contains a set of pricing and rate card information, including contract discounts; a set of current and forecast inventory availabilities; and the set of forecast audiences for the relevant audience segments. It performs calculations for forecasting avails positions for future inventory, implements policies for stopping the sale of scarce inventory, and recalculates rate changes in response to demand. Mediabase SSP boasts unprecedented functionality when compared with standard SSPs in the marketplace today.

CloudMBI RetransFx™ 

CloudMBI RetransFx is an interactive contract-negotiation tool that enhances stations' ability to maximize their retransmission revenues. The tool provides an optimizer, powered by machine learning, allowing users to leverage the historical performance of past deals and accurately forecast subscription rates to derive optimum recommended pricing for negotiations. Deploying quickly in the cloud, RetransFx also allows media organizations to leverage an opex model, take advantage of greater compute resources, and minimize security risks.

CloudMBI Sentinel™ 

Cloud implementations can be enormously effective, but without economic oversight, they can drain infrastructure budgets. CloudMBI Sentinel™ manages business processes while controlling costs to maximize the benefits of the organization's cloud environment. It does this by automating the scheduling and sequencing of business processes. CloudMBI Sentinel analyzes infrastructure cost details of changing usage patterns to provide an operation cost profile, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention in optimizing resources.

Presentation at Connected Media | IP:

"Enabling Ad Sales Revenue Maximization Through Cross-Media Optimization"

Matt Ferris, vice president of the analytics group at Decentrix, will present the paper "Enabling Ad Sales Revenue Maximization Through Cross-Media Optimization" at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 9, in the Presentation Theatre as part of Connected Media | IP (CMIP) at the 2018 NAB Show. He will describe the challenges that media enterprises face as cross-media content distribution and ad sales become increasingly fragmented and diversified. Ferris will go on to describe how different distribution channels can be managed within a single platform that facilitates thoughtful and effective stewardship decisions with complex agency campaigns. He also will provide examples of how some of the world's largest media content providers are embracing this unified deployment model to realize better efficiency and agility in maximizing revenues and optimizing cross-media operations.

Company Quote:

"We look forward to demonstrating the unique capabilities of our BIAnalytix platform in unifying every element of cross-media planning and management. We'll show 2018 NAB Show attendees how this portfolio of products supports revenue maximization through cross-media optimization of linear, digital, and content business models. BIAnalytix empowers media organizations to become better stewards of their campaigns and gives them the data they need to optimize ad sales revenue opportunities."

—Taras Bugir, President of Decentrix

About Decentrix

Decentrix offers complete business analytics solutions that enhance the revenue opportunities of media, entertainment, telecommunications, and advertising companies. Decentrix enterprise solutions expose critical data within the cross media operational systems used by these businesses and deliver insights that yield maximized inventory pricing, enhanced audience values, and optimized campaigns across all properties and platforms. Founded by technologists with decades of experience in media business systems, Decentrix provides powerful solutions — on premise, in the cloud, and as a hybrid platform — that industry-leading companies trust daily in making critical business decisions. More information is available at

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