Core SWX HC9 Mini Provides Lasting Power for Film Producer/Cinematographer Adrien Oneiga

LOS ANGELES, JANUARY 24, 2018 - Independent film producer and freelance cinematographer Adrien Oneiga is inherently passionate about his work and his choice of camera support. Looking to substantially reduce weight on his handheld rig for remote projects without compromising workflow, Oneiga relies on Core SWX'sHypercore 9 Mini (HC9) batteries.

With a resume that includes creative and commercial projects, documentaries and second unit photography for IMAX, as well as immersive new media installations, Oneiga was first introduced to Core's HC9 Mini in early 2017. "I found the HC9 Mini to be reliable, compact and streamlined for the way I assemble and build cameras," says Oneiga. "In addition to the smaller size and impressive performance, I'm able to trust the digital read out on the rear of the battery. I've done numerous tests with camera run times as well as powering up my Digital Sputnik DS1 lights and with the HC9's I can more confidently estimate the amount of power I will need for a shoot." 

Since adding the HC9 Mini to his inventory, Oneiga has used the battery on various remote productions including the Oregon Eclipse for IMAX and most recently on a trip to New Caledonia for Conservative International (CI). On this latest project, Oneiga worked alongside renowned filmmaker and activist Shawn Heinrichs and a group of marine biologists to show the vast diversity safeguarded in part by CI's extensive marine protection efforts, as well as motivating further expansion of the protection of this delicate ecosystem.

"The HC9 Mini made a big difference," says Oneiga. "I was impressed with how the higher amp load in the HC9 Mini afforded me much more consistent run time. In the past, I would constantly expect voltage to drop unpredictably during the last 5-10 percent on other battery systems. Most ocean dive days, I was able to do three or four dives on one 98wh HC9 Mini. This was great because it meant I didn't have to open my Gates housing unit, which greatly helped avoid any condensation or moisture issues. Using the HC9 Mini gave me one less thing to worry about."

The new HC9 Mini was designed with smaller Cine cameras in mind, such as the RED DSMC2 and ARRI ALEXA Mini, among others. Measuring in at only 3.54 in. x 4.65 in. x 1.90 in. (.09 m. x .12 m. x .05 m.) and weighing only 1.9 lbs. (861.8 g.), it is the perfect solution for lighter and more mobile camera setups. The battery is available in three versions, including V-mount, RED-specific and a Gold Mount version that is compatible with Anton/Bauer chargers. 

Oneiga uses his HC9 Mini with RED WEAPON cameras, Kessler CineDrive multi axis camera motion control systems, Digital Sputnik lighting systems and Gates Underwater housing equipment. 

"My interaction with the Core SWX team has been great," adds Oneiga. "I've found Core products to be extremely reliable and my experience with its team has been wonderful. As far as my camera package and lights go, Core is my first choice whenever possible."

The HC9 Mini is a 98wh (14.8v) battery with a 12A load. With the latest in Lithium Ion technology, the HC9 Mini also comes with an LED backlit runtime LCD on the front of the battery pack that lets users know how much battery time is left when in use and also indicates remaining charge time while connected to a charger. This allows users to plan their shoots down to the minute. The RED-specific version can communicate directly with a RED camera's LCD/VF. The HC9 Mini's battery cells are incased in an over-molded, rubberized housing, providing additional protection against accidental impacts that may occur when operating in rugged conditions. Like several other Hypercore batteries, the HC9 Mini is safe and legal for air travel. 

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