Banijay Rights chooses the Blue Lucy Asset Manager to manage their inventory of over 250 000 titles.

Blue Lucy announced today that Banijay Rights, the international distribution division of Banijay Group, has implemented a Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM) to manage their content catalogue of more than 250,000 assets. The BLAM seamlessly manages both on-premise and cloud-based storage and integrates with existing systems to provide a complete media operations management capability.

Banijay Group is the world’s largest independent content creation group for television and multimedia platforms and, as the group’s international distribution division, Banijay Rights has a catalogue of more than 20,000 hours of best-selling content across all genres including titles like; “Versailles,” “Wallander,” “Survivor” and “Wife Swap.” After recently moving storage and management of their content library in-house, Banijay Rights needed to bring the archive under secure management and streamline operations with automation and task management. The Blue Lucy Asset Manager was selected after a competitive tender process and implementation was completed in late summer 2017.

The BLAM provides Banijay Rights with an end-to-end operations management solution featuring;

  • Complete integration with Banijay’s rights management system, EasyTrack: new content is automatically scanned and imported to the BLAM, triggering automated processes and user task management workflows that ensure that the media rights and media management systems are synchronised at all times. 
  • Quality Assurance automation through the BLAM connector for Telestream VidCheck: a suite of QC tests is executed on all material ingested into the system and any errors or warnings are highlighted for operators to address.
  • Access to the archive from Adobe Premiere Pro: editors can quickly find and “round trip” material from the BLAM without leaving the Adobe editing tools. 
  • On-premise and cloud-based storage management: the BLAM manages all operations for the on-prem’ disk-based storage as well as the movement of assets to, and from, AWS S3 which is used to store ‘safety’ copies of all assets.
  • Easy access to all workflows and material through a simple browser-based interface

“One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen from this implementation has been the integration of the rights management system with media and operations management,” said Mark Glennon, consultant to Banijay Rights responsible for this project. “Banijay is an amalgamation of many different companies and being able to put all their content into one library and use EasyTrack integration to expose all this material to the sales team will make it much easier to market and sell their inventory.”

“The Banijay BLAM system demonstrates the significant operational and business benefits of integrating systems to streamline media operations management” said Blue Lucy founder, Julian Wright. “The integration with both EasyTrack and AWS S3 / Glacier provides Banijay with a hybrid cloud / ground archive of their entire content catalogue which is both low cost and secure.”

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About Blue Lucy

Blue Lucy is a leading technology consultancy and media operations management software development agency. The company is led by a team of industry experts that service international clients with a business-orientated approach to technology. Its core product –the Blue Lucy Asset Manager (BLAM) - is a media management toolset which provides asset and workflow management through a simplified browser based interface.

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